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December 29, 2000
Every time I look at the chart for the first moment of 2001, all I hear is the spirit of Marvin Gaye singing, "And when I get that feelin'…" But the healin' we're in need of this year isn't sexual--it's emotional. 2001 is all about healing the wounds of the heart, personal and collective. Just as the path of the heart isn't linear, neither is this journey. It's positive one moment and negative, the next. Weak, then strident. Sometimes, confused. Other times, clear. What's more, heart healin' is hard work. You have to name what hurts. Then, you need the courage to feel those feelings. You also need a framework to guide the process. And while tough love can catalyze discovery, kindness, compassion, and non-violence--to the self or others--is ultimately the way to wholeness.
It's a Chiron Moon square in the birth chart for 2001 that puts the emphasis on emotional healing. Chiron is in Sagittarius. The Moon, in Pisces. A Chiron Moon square reveals fragmented places of the heart in need of mending. Some of these revelations are apt to be painful. Remember, the key to handling Chiron is the willingness to be identified with your healing rather than your wounding.
Also at the stroke of midnight, Neptune squares Mars. Known for weakening the will and encouraging paralysis, at a deep level, this square focuses on themes of self-definition. Neptune merges. Mars individuates. Neptune blurs boundaries. Mars seeks distinction. Neptune strives for unity. Mars thrives on being number one. Neptune square Mars highlights what unites and what divides. Some of us will leave behind what drags us down in order to find what lifts us up. Others will experience a deep desire for connection, inside and out.
Fortunately, a deeply spiritual energy underlies the New Year, as Neptune continues to trine Jupiter, promoting a true generosity of spirit. Use this energy to deepen your faith and expand your understanding of love. Let it be the foundation for your choices.
Handling the emotional vacillations 2001 won't be easy. By the middle of the year, we're in for a period of extreme polarization, as Pluto opposes Saturn. But hidden in this reactive climate are the clues about what needs to change. Be willing to read the subtext. Examine the causal level. Most importantly be gentle with yourself--and others. No matter how wide the divide may appear at first, it is possible to build a bridge of understanding. You may have to let go of a grudge or change your perspective. So be it. Nothing is more powerful than a heart that beats with love.

December 22, 2000
Have yourself a wacky little Christmas and be prepared for anything except a silent night. This year, Santa Claus is likely to descend in a spaceship and Mommy might be kissin' Martians under the mistletoe. This week's eccentric frequency adds a final touch to an already strange year. What's more, a Solar Eclipse on the Christmas Day amps-up the emotional energy turning festivities more than a little intense. 
Uranus conjunct Venus is the source of this week's penchant for the unusual. Notorious for exotic taste, this astro couple turns much more than Yuletides bright. A Uranus Venus conjunction delights in passionate romantic excursions skewed toward the outrageous. Erratic and erotic heartbeats fuel impulsive behavior. Spontaneous declarations of love replace the normal glad-tidings. Although Uranus Venus flirtations tend to die out as quickly as they flare up, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the fun. Just don't expect these liaisons to last past the moment. But Uranus and Venus spark more than sexual desire. Creativity flourishes under their heat. Channel this energy into artistic pursuits of any kind, and you'll make long sought breakthroughs.
The Solar Eclipse on Christmas Day tilts this curious climate toward the extreme. During a Solar Eclipse, the Moon overshadows the Sun and the unconscious rules. The unconscious always plays a big role during the holidays, as enormous expectations and equally big disappointments color celebrations. Family issues dominate, turning even the most mature among us into children. It makes no difference whether we're home for the holidays, boycotting the reunion, or wishing for connection. Mercury conjuncts both the Sun and Moon during this eclipse and Mars sextiles all three. Mercury provides the power of language. Mars supplies vitality. As the power of the eclipse collides with the uninhibited spontaneity of Uranus and Venus, previously unexpressed feelings erupt and conversations turn quite candid. Listening is one of the greatest gifts the heart can give. So even if what's being said is uncomfortable, try to stay present.
Yet beneath emotional turmoil lies the true spirit of the season. All the festivals of light celebrate the promise of rebirth and the hope of a new beginning. Hope makes the heart strong. And strong hearts beat with resilience. The Chinese believe laughter is the sound of the heart. Use humor as an antidote for any stress or tension. It is, after all, the season to be jolly.

December 15, 2000
We're still in the same split screen marathon we've been in for several weeks, caught in an ebb tide of polarization--and I'm not just talking about the election for President of the United States. The contest between Gore and Bush is just one among many collective manifestations of opposing forces battling for power. Similar struggles are taking place across the planet. But these clashes aren't just global. Collective upheaval reflects personal upset, as external strife mirrors internal discord. 

We started 2000 with a Chiron Pluto conjunction, in Sagittarius. That configuration put the emphasis on power issues, personal and collective. Now, as we approach the end of the year, Chiron is conjunct the Sun and Mercury, again in Sagittarius. When the Sun and Mercury share the same space, thinking turns subjective. Fortunately, Chiron's influence opens the doors of perception, revealing the consequences of bias. Use this energy to probe your opinions. Are they based on ignorance? Wishful thinking? Emotional resistance? Or just the facts? 
Sagittarius, the of belief systems, is the domain of all philosophic, spiritual, and religious traditions. Sagittarius quests for truth. On one end of the
Sagittarius spectrum, we strive to make sense of life in the largest possible context with the hope of belonging to something greater than ourselves. On the other end, we struggle with the deep despair of alienation, and the suffering of believing in nothing. Again, use this Sagittarius emphasis to probe. Where are you in your quest for personal truth? Do you honor the truth of others? Do you constrict in judgment when your truth is denied? Collapse in fear? Or, can you use that conflict to stimulate growth?
Turmoil is always upsetting, even for those of us who thrive on intensity. When life turns upside down, confidence trembles. Some structures, even the tried and true, crumble under the weight of change. As stressful as this process is, it is a necessary function of growth. The space before we find the solution always feels murky. But hidden in the gunk are opportunities for healing. Unearthing these treasures requires skill, determination, and a multidimensional perspective capable of holistic vision. This is not about a spiritual by-pass that denies an accurate assessment of reality. Healing schisms of any kind, personal or collective, is accomplished by the hard soul work of walking through each day committed to transcendent consciousness. Put simply, if you want peace, live peacefully.
It's all too easy to polarize in prejudice, condemn our opponent, and feel smug in the certainty of our judgments. But we can also dare to examine what we believe in and why. Simply considering another point of view keeps the heart open. Our opinion may not change, but respect for the diversity of life is likely to deepen. And that respect can turn into positive protest. As you choose how to handle the current polarized atmosphere, contemplate how Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr. responded to injustice. This week, reach higher and deeper, and let that stretch guide your choices.  

December 8, 2000
This week, the energy softens slightly as the full tilt, hard-edged blast of recent weeks starts to recede. It's not that the intensity of daily life disappears. We're still in the deep waters of change, personal and collective, and we're in for a few more startling plot twists. For some of us, these surprising twists of fate surface a sense of futility and failure. For others, the banners of victory wave high. But most of us could use a respite from over-the-top, how much more can you take energetic attitude. So it's a good thing the stars are willing to oblige by providing a breath of lighter air.
First the intensity report: Mars continues to sextile the Sun. Working in unison, Mars and the Sun produce more than enough energy to accomplish any task. They also are encouraging team work. Mars is in Libra, the Sign of Partnership and the Sun is in Sagittarius, a gregarious Fire Sign that enjoys companionship. Let this couple invigorate your alliances. Corral it into convivial teamwork and you'll be pleased with the magnitude of your results. Just keep your associations balanced. To reap the rewards, each participant needs to make an equal contribution
Mars is separating from its trine with Uranus, and as it does, nerves stop jangling and emotional bodies quit quivering. But the excitement isn't quite over. Uranus continues to sextile the Sun, inflaming the need to break absolutely free from the shackles of whatever enslaves.
Now, the good news: The source of this week's lighter touch is Venus conjunct Neptune, as both trine Jupiter. This astro ménage-a-trois gives birth to a highly imaginative atmosphere that's likely to manifest as romantic inclinations and artistic expression. All three delight in sensual pleasures, making it the perfect combo for romantic liaisons. Neptune, Jupiter, and Venus also adore shopping. Give into their appetite for beauty, and you're guaranteed to spend more than you can afford.
Neptune, Jupiter, and Venus also support loving kindness--something we could all use right now to ease the end-of-the-year stress. Apply this compassionate salve wherever you can. Even though the Holiday season is supposed to be happy, for far too many of us it's a time of acute emotional pain and anxiety. If you're fortunate enough to embrace an abundance of joy, share it. If you're not, instead of wallowing, break the spell of isolation by reaching out. Remember, whatever we focus our attention on becomes our reality. Use this compassionate energy to build your internal fire. Then, let that brilliance light your way through the week.

December 1, 2000
It's a split screen week. On the top, external life buzzes with manic force. The masculine planets strike strident chords reminiscent of military marches. It's all Yang all the time. Yet below this boisterous energy lies the deep internal call of the Yin. These weeks before the Solstice, when the days are darkest, the Great Mother always draws us into her feminine strength. This year, answering that sacred summons requires navigating a maze of mundane distractions. But don't let that stop you. Align with nature's rhythm, and you'll have a much easier time staying steady and balanced.
Pluto, Uranus, Mars, and the Sun set the strong masculine tone. And the boys are having a field day. Pluto and the Sun are conjunct in Sagittarius, the Sign of Government. This conjunction craves power and will stop at nothing to achieve its goal. Try not to let arrogance fuel your ambitions. Avoid underhanded methods. When appropriate, defer.
Unfortunately, releasing the need to lead won't be easy. Mars sextiles the Sun, generating bonfires in the belly, as it simultaneously encourages the courage to pursue your goals. Harnessing the power of this force and garnering good results requires reasonable expectations.
Again, unfortunately, prudence takes a back seat to rash behavior as Uranus continues to trine Mars exacerbating an already too powerful climate. Together, Uranus and Mars provoke power plays wherever possible and neither appreciates being told what to do. As this energy collides with other insistent forces, stubborn resistance is probable. Everybody wants to rule the world, but not everyone is up to the task. It's madness to assert just for assertion's sake. Take your stand, but make it wisely. 
You can also choose the path of least resistance by refusing to engage in external contests. Forget the power plays of the material world. Instead, feel the power of nature. Go within. The festivals of December celebrate the return of the light and the renewal of life. Dig beneath the dogma of doctrine, and you'll discover the season of faith. If your faith feels fragile right now, and bent by a world wobbling from so much hate and violence, use that precarious position to deepen your foundation. Don't be afraid of your doubts. Turn them into tools. Let them deepen your process and help you search for Higher ground. While it's folly to believe we will ever comprehend the Great Mystery, it's wise to try.

November 24, 2000
For those of you wishing life would settle down, I've got bad news. This week is just as intense as the last several weeks-if not more so--and it's not getting simple, easy, or quiet any time soon. The air is supercharged and the voltage is wired for action. What's more, an emotional undercurrent pulses beneath this already agitated atmosphere. Retreating into a cave or crawling under a rock won't help. Even if you aren't experiencing a personal crisis, the person next to you probably is. Like it or not, that stress is apt to spill over. For some, this intensity is clarifying. For others, it's catalyzing. For even more, it's overwhelming. Try not to let this energy channel you. Provide a pathway for it to follow and you'll avoid getting swept away.
There are two major astro contributors to this week's excitable climate. First, today, Mercury transits the degree of its Retrograde. When Mercury hits this point, the changes of the last five weeks come into focus. Election results clarify. The clouds of confusion dissipate. And while the ruckus won't end, the end is in sight. For those of us not running for President of the United States, but experiencing a similar roller coaster ride of uncertainty, resolution is on the horizon. The Moon conjuncts Mercury, as Mercury hits that translation point, adding a deeply emotional tone to the developments. Mercury creates language and the Moon speaks from the heart. Passionate exchange and fervent discourse are likely. What's more, Mercury is the astro Magician. So don't be surprised if rabbits pop out of top hats and doves fly out from under capes.
The second major influence is Uranus. Always eager to amp up the element of surprise, Uranus is quite busy stirring the caldron of change, personal and collective. This week, Uranus not only squares Mercury. It also begins a trine with Mars, which will last until December 13. These two astro action heroes deliver an enormous amount of energy. Handling their explosive force takes skill and patience. Not only does this trine stimulate the profound urge for independence, it also instigates hasty, premature action. Famous for freedom, Uranus Mars contacts are equally notorious for accidents. Take your time. Above all, don't drink and drive.
It's a week packed with power surges. Again, aim this energy at specific goals and you'll avoid overloading your circuits. If life starts spinning out of control, take a break. Breathe. Find your center and settle into a comfortable pace. Also, remember to be kind. This intensity rattles the nerves and shakes the soul. Provide comfort where you can. Apply compassion whenever possible.

November 17, 2000
10,000 Bubbies want to make a difference. Republicans want a Federal case. Democrats want the White House. It's the Mercury Retrograde Election Event, where the details matter. A lot. Just for the record, I'm writing this column, as I always do, on the Sunday before it's published. So by the time you read this, the Gray Panthers could be making a comeback and absentee ballots could be tilting the scales of the election toward Gore and away from Bush. No matter who emerges victorious, the election process in America is changed forever, made stronger by this extraordinary experience.
Many of us sensed this election would turn the wheel of our collective karma. But no one could have predicted its new direction or the depth of its impact. Here's the astro skinny. Mercury went Direct on November 7, but not until 9:28 PM, EST. Every vote cast before that was cast during a Retrograde. Mercury Retrograde reexamines the details, so the recount makes absolute astro sense, particularly in light of ballots that weren't ever counted the first time. But what's truly spectacular is the timetable. At 7:50-8:00 PM EST, CNN and the Networks started giving Florida to Gore. Then, at 9:30, two minutes after Mercury went Direct "Florida looks uncertain" pulses across the airwaves. At approximately 9:55, the Networks start taking Florida away from Gore. How retrograde can you get? What's more, on November 7, Jupiter, the Planet that searches for truth, sat on America's natal Uranus, the Planet that reaches for freedom, all day long.
Never again can apathetic citizens say their vote doesn't count. Never again will voting booths be taken for granted. Future ballots will be cast with butterflies. Future elections are apt to take twice as long, because voters of all ages are gonna be makin' sure they do it right. Pundits and prognosticators will bite their tongues before they speak prematurely. Most importantly, young Americans are learning the power of a single vote. But that's not all. Citizens, questioning the integrity of the system from the local level to the national, are participating. And while the uncertainty is uncomfortable, the world isn't coming to an end. We're in process, witnessing a demonstration of democracy. This election is much more than a contest between two candidates. This election tests the truth of our foundation. Government of the people, by the people, for the people, is the bedrock of our individual and collective freedom.
Currently, we're in the tight grip of a Saturn Sun opposition that started on November 14. Saturn is back in Taurus, the Sign of Values. The Sun is in Scorpio, the Sign of Power and Politics. This opposition fuels the voice of stern autocrats eager to admonish and patronize. Suppression is likely under this influence, but thanks to this media mad age, this episode in American history is impossible to cloak in secrecy. Again, no matter who is the next President, we should all be proud to be citizens of the United States.

November 10, 2000
It's a funky Mercury Retrograde Election and we're gonna be dealin' with the details for a while. This Presidential Election is the stuff that modern myths are made of. For some, this process reaffirms their trust in democracy. For others, the value of a single vote will never be more clear. And for still more, controversy and intrigue will always cloud the results. On a practical note, the uncertainty is exhausting. The last few weeks of intensity were enough to deplete even the mightiest among us, so don't be surprised if you're feeling more than a little tired. What's more, while the planets support an enterprising environment, clouds of confusion still linger. So take a deep breath. Plant your feet firmly in the 3-D. And do whatever you can to stay grounded and centered.
Mercury is finally Direct. So it's safe to initiate new undertakings. Unfortunately, until the middle of next week, Neptune squares Mercury. Neptune rules imagination and fantasy. Mercury is all about communication and language. As these two clash they muddy the mental waters. Fantasy and illusion color thought and perception, making projection probable. Be sure to put in your corrective lenses --the ones that allow you to see life as it is. Neptune and Mercury both have a tendency to indulge in more than a slight touch of the blarney. So stick to the facts. If you don't understanding what someone is saying, don't be shy about asking for more information.
Neptune is also busy aligning with Jupiter and Mars. All three form a Grand Trine in Air. Jupiter is expansive. Mars is active. Neptune is visionary. It's a positive alliance, but it's apt to coalesce into grandiosity. Again, make sure your toes touch the earth. Jupiter trine Mars thrives on being busy. Use this energy to invigorate plans and projects.
But don't take on more than you can reasonably handle or try to get everything done at once. Uranus still squares the Sun, agitating the ethers with restless impatience. This energy has a close association with accidents. Take your time. Uranus square the Sun also feeds the need to stir it up just for the sake of provocation. Take your stand. But make sure it's for a worthwhile cause. This Uranus Sun square also offers the promise of profound creative juice. Innovation is its energetic signature. Channel this excitement into artistic endeavors and you'll be amazed at the results.
George Clinton, the President of Funk, once defined "funk" as whatever it needs to be when it needs to be that thing. This week, apply that wisdom. If you're feeling blue, find what makes your heart sing. If you're tired, rest. If you're lonely, seek the company of friends and family. If you're feeling out of sorts, take the time to soothe your spirit. If the world feels wobbly, search for bigger truth and deeper strength.

November 3, 2000
An uneasy wind blows through the week, making it hard to settle down or settle in. Uncertainty is usually uncomfortable. It gnaws at the mind and chews at the heart. But conflict and controversy can catalyze growth and stimulate progress. Dissent is the backbone of democracy. So rather than resist this restive force, open to it.
November 7 is a big day. We cast our votes for president and turn the wheel of our collective karma. What's more, by afternoon of that very same day, Mercury goes Direct, ending its final retrograde phase of the year. The last few days of Mercury's review are best spent culling through a year's worth of experiences. 2000 began on a note of uncertainty but quickly found its stride. 2000 also started with a Pluto Chiron conjunction in Sagittarius. That same conjunction is happening now. Sagittarius is the sign where we reach for expanded consciousness and greater knowledge. The shadow of this quest manifests as ignorance, fanaticism, and alienation. Chiron symbolizes the healing crisis, where we descend into the wound, not to wallow, but to mend and integrate. Pluto is about power. All kinds. On the negative end of Pluto's power spectrum lies the need to manipulate and seduce. On the positive end lies trust. As you ruminate on how your year unfolded, contemplate the impact of these forces. Are you identified with your wounding rather than your healing? Do you feel powerful? Can you trust in something greater than yourself? Is knowledge something you crave? Or, do you cling to ignorance and denial?
Uranus, in Aquarius, also focuses on issues of power this week as it squares the Sun in Scorpio. Best known as the astro revolutionary, a Uranus Sun square feeds the need to initiate and implement reform regardless of the consequences. Highly combative and impatient, as this intensity spills through the week, agitation increases, exacerbating hot spots, personal and collective. Sudden setbacks and startling developments are also likely, again, personal and collective.
The United States of America was born with an Aquarius Moon. Uranus rules Aquarius and America's Moon reflects our emotional commitment to personal freedom. While it's true we haven't always lived up to our ideals, and have perpetrated egregious acts in the name of self-interest, we are still free to express our differences in an open forum. Every time we vote, we honor that freedom and exercise our right to live free from tyranny. This week, don't abandon that privilege or let it atrophy from apathy. Let your voice be heard.

October 27, 2000
What was stuck breaks loose and what was static is stagnant no more. Uranus went Direct, yesterday, sending lightening bolts through an already highly charged atmosphere. This eager energy meets with conflicting responses. The other planets are promoting their own agendas. Mercury is still Retrograde. Saturn and Mars are industrious. Venus is feisty. And Neptune clouds perception. You'll need a strong internal compass to navigate this astro confusion. 
Uranus' urge to forge ahead is at odds with the on-going Mercury Retrograde. Mercury Retrograde slows down the days, hours, and minutes. Uranus blasts into hyperspace. Mercury Retrograde review and reconsiders. Uranus innovates and invents. Mercury wants to complete. Uranus wants to initiate. While their differences are bound to make your crazy, there is a gift hidden beneath these contradictions. First, use Mercury Retrograde to assess what needs to change. Then, enlist Uranus' enthusiasm and insight to inspire how to implement those reforms.
Unfortunately, by the beginning of the workweek, Neptune squares Mercury. This square produces a thick mental fog, making space outs easy and noticing the details almost impossible. What's more, Neptune and Mercury both delight in deception, which means lying is likely. Stick to the facts no matter how big the temptation to embellish.
There is astro aid. Saturn, in Taurus, trines Mars, in Virgo. This positive alliance in Earth produces a great grounding force. Aim this energy at specific goals and you'll accomplish a lot. 
One more bit: As Uranus goes Direct, it sextiles Venus. Venus embraces art, beauty, and love. When she unites with Uranus, creativity flourishes. Romance blossoms. Hearts pound and quiver. Uranus loves free-spirited abandon. And Venus is no slouch when it comes to pleasure. Amping up this lusty combo, Pluto is also conjunct Venus. Pluto's affections easily turn obsessive. This could be a problem. Uranian attractions don't last. So think twice before you declare your undying love. The object of your lust may not be feeling fickle. And you could wind up in quite a mess.
Uranus thrives of sudden twists of fate that seem to come from nowhere known. It travels to the beat of an extraterrestrial drum, and its exotic rhythms turn the pulse of life on Earth erratic. Radicals find this cadence comfortable. The status quo reacts with a shudder. This week, Uranus meets with resistance. But that won't stop its catalyzing force. Make your mantra "I love shift" and you'll have an easier time adjusting your stride.

October 20, 2000
Uranus, the Great God of Shift, goes Direct on the 26, and all week long, as it prepares to change its course, we're caught in its astral pivot. Uranus, retrograde since May, is ready to make up for lost time. As the Patron Saint of Revolutionaries, Uranus always stirs the collective caldron. It thrives on rebellion and provocation. Soothing the situation in the Middle East won't come easy. What's more, Uranus is very busy impacting the presidential campaign. Pay attention. This Uranian light heats up the competition.
The Presidential candidates are both under the thumb of Uranus. Mr. Bush has a Chiron, Moon, Jupiter conjunction in his birth chart, in Libra, in his Third House, the home of communication. That conjunction is why he has a problem remembering the "right" word. It's also why he stops answering questions in mid sentence and launches into his carefully crafted sound bites instead. What's more, this conjunction goes for the broad stroke instead of the specifics. Currently, Uranus is trining that conjunction, fueling George's charm and making him look good--very good. But the thing about Uranus transits is they don't last. Fall in love under a Uranus transit, and you'll wake up a week, a month, or a year later, realizing you were enamored by appearances and blinded to reality. It's the astro equivalent of Beauty and the Beast. Only once Uranus stops kissing George's conjunction, the Prince turns back into the Beast. 
Mr. Gore has a Pluto, Saturn, Mars conjunction in the First House of Individuality. That conjunction is why he appears stiff. Nothing loosey goosey about Al. He's serious. And while this is a difficult combo to live with, it does offer the capacity to overcome even the greatest difficulties. As Uranus opposes that configuration, the focus is on Al's personality. His formality is analyzed as a detriment, rather than viewed as a requisite presidential quality. This Uranus opposition is a test of strength. And don't think for a moment its impact is only negative. Uranus was born to surprise us, and when it is in an aspect to Mars, it provides an extraordinary potential to resist provocation. Uranus, Saturn, and Mars often coalesce into an intervention by a Higher Power. Providence could be on Al's side. Particularly if George gets cocky. Despite what pollsters and pundits would like us to believe, a presidential race isn't a personality contest. Besides, Miss Congeniality never wins the pageant.
As Uranus goes Direct, it squares Mercury. This square feeds a contradictory climate. Conversations turn brutally frank, which means the candidates can finally stop agreeing with each other and focus on the very real differences between Republicans and Democrats. Controversy, while uncomfortable, sparks clarity. Unfortunately, our cultural devotion to illusion has forced these men to be nice. Fortunately, Uranus isn't polite. It will strip away the rhetoric, get down to the real nitty gritty, and help us discern the difference between fact and fiction.
And a special note to those of you voting for Nader and framing your vote as a vote of conscience: A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush. Al Gore isn't perfect. But Bush and his backers are dangerous. So don't kid yourself into thinking you're taking the high ground by casting your vote for Nader. What's your conscience gonna be tellin' you if Bush wins and appoints reactionary judges to the Supreme Court? Just picture Bush slappin' Yasir Arafat on the back and tellin' him how we do things in Texas.
Yes, corporations rule the world. But that's not going to change by voting for Nader. The only way to bring corporate power to its knees is to stop consuming its products. And hardly any of us are ready to give up our phones, cars, cosmetics, designer whatever's, or beer.
What's more, a vote for Nader is also a vote for apathy. The Republicans have gone to great lengths during this election to hide the conservative right wing arm of their party. But make no mistake, the religious right is behind Bush's curtain. The Republicans are betting you'll be fooled. Bush and Gore are not the same. Your vote matters. A lot.
The Democrats are also hiding the left wing of their party. But the Democrats are for the people--all the people, all the time. That's always been their platform. Al Gore has a long history of public service. Sure, he wants to win. He's a politician. But he actually wants to make a difference. And he's smart. Very smart. Smart enough to understand the complexity of the problems we're facing. Smart enough to know "he not busy being born is busy dying".

October 13, 2000
Dust off those multidimensional goggles and make ready your own personal Holo Deck. This week, in a linear perspective just won't do. We're caught in a wake of confusion, as several planets pull in different directions. On October 15, Saturn moves back into Taurus. On that same day, Neptune goes Direct. But that's not the big news. On Wednesday, October 18, Mercury goes Retrograde. Navigating these contradictory currents won't be easy. So find a framework that allows you to witness and participate all at the same time.
Mercury goes Retrograde and stays Retrograde until November 7. For those of you new to Mercury Retrograde here's the "Reader's Digest" version: Mercury rules anything and everything related to communication. Computers, term papers, contracts, telephones--everything we rely on to hasten the day along. When Mercury moves backwards, delays, snafus, and hassles abound. Don't install new software. Try not to sign a contract. If you can, resist buying a new car. And anticipate lots of traffic difficulties. Yes, Mercury Retrograde is a drag. But it also has positive benefits. Mercury Retrograde slows the pace of daily life, extending an invitation to review, reflect, and reconsider. So rather than initiate something new, cull through what you've already set in motion.
This is the last Mercury Retrograde phase of 2000. There's much gold to be mined as you retrace your steps. So stay alert. October always harvests a year's worth of experience as it simultaneously previews the year ahead. This time last year many of us were in the grip of millennium madness, wondering what 2000 would bring. Now, it's time to reassess this year that almost wasn't.
Saturn assists these musings as it moves back into Taurus where it stays until April 2001. Saturn's journey through Taurus is an exploration into values. On the material plane, that means money. Make the time to balance your checkbook. Spiritually, Saturn in Taurus focuses on values. So spend an equal amount of time reexamining what matters most.
Frankly, because Neptune is the essence of vague, determining what its forward movement will put in motion isn't easy. Neptune is in Aquarius where it reaches for the highest good of all sentient beings. Let Neptune's course correction arouse a greater commitment to compassion, concern, and kindness.
This week's hurry up and slow down energy could coalesce into a highly emotional environment. Lots of us get grumpy when too much changes too quickly. So try a little tenderness. Even with all this astro excitement, there are still only 24 hours in the day. And some of those hours are best spent resting and restoring body, heart, mind, and spirit.

October 6, 2000
It's simply uncontrollable. There's too much to do, Not enough time to do it in. Even if you're feeling stuck or snagged in your personal life, the overall energy of the week feels unwieldy. But this almost manic energy isn't negative. It's just profuse. Pretend you're an air traffic controller, and you'll have an easier time managing your arrivals and departures.
Several configurations contribute to this week's astro drama. First, we're still in the clutches of the Pluto, Jupiter, Mars T-Square. This week, Mars starts to pull away. When hard aspects separate, we experience the repercussions. This T-square focuses on power struggles, which means we're dealing with egos, bruised or inflated. Expect exhaustion from the stress of this square. Also count on lots of processing as a way of coping with the consequences of choices made in the heat of the moment.
Jupiter stimulates this need to talk about every little detail as it continues to trine the Sun. Jupiter is in Gemini, the Sign of Conversation. The Sun is in Libra, the Sign of Relating. This trine is chatty. It needs to share. Just don't let this loquacious energy become an excuse to gossip. Rumors have a radioactive shelf life. So stick to the truth. 
What's more, there's really no need to embellish or exaggerate reality because Uranus, the King of Unique, plays a dual role this week as it trines the Sun and squares Venus. When Uranus influences daily life, fact is often stranger than fiction. Uranus catalyzes sudden twists of fate. A Uranus Sun trine spotlights the need for personal freedom. If you're in an unhealthy partnership, this could be the boost you need to bolt. At the core, Uranus trine the Sun is about a new attitude. So it could just as easily help you break free from the negative ties that bind without breaking up. Amping-up this need for emotional independence, Uranus also squares Venus, in Scorpio. A Uranus Venus square is sexy, fickle, and nervous. So don't be surprised if you keep changing your mind. Both of these Uranus couplings are creative. Channel this energy into artistic endeavor, and you'll make innovative leaps in your craft.
This week, take on too much and you're likely to have a mini breakdown. So handle what you can. Be patient with what you can't control. And have compassion for your fellow travelers. A kind word will go a long way.

September 29, 2000
It's intense. Yes, I know, some of you are thinking, "so what else is new? Others are certain I lied all month long about the energetic weather. It’s not that I haven't told the truth. I’ve simply been enjoying the role of Astro Pollyanna, accentuating the positive and actively disregarding the negative. Summer 2000 was overwhelming for most of us, and everyone needed a break—even me.
Now, it's back to the trenches of transformation, as difficult undercurrents override the gentler influences. Pluto informs this change of air. Pluto's influence always translates into themes of power and control. This week, insistence is part of the package. As is anger. Anticipate feeling more than a little hot under the collar when things don’t go your way. Jupiter also adds a large dose of excess and exaggeration, easily distorting the facts and blowing events out of proportion. Moderation is the best-known antidote for extremes of any kind. So find your middle path and stick to it.
A Pluto, Jupiter, Mars T-Square drives the intensity. Pluto focuses on force. Jupiter fuels grandiosity. Mars wants to win. As these three energies coalesce, they ignite issues of supremacy. Expect power struggles. Lots of them. The on-going Pluto Jupiter opposition amplifies this war of wills. Pluto opposite Jupiter craves power. Add Mars to the mix, and the entire bundle turns ruthless. Ambition is unabashed. Here's where the presidential campaign is likely to turn ugly. Handling this T-Square is an astro test of character. As the candidates react to these influences we get to witness their true colors.
You, too, are apt to be tempted to use brute force, underhanded methods, or mean-spirited attacks as a way of demonstrating strength. Avoid the trap of the means justify the ends. From a karmic perspective, the means create the ends. Trust me. Put a negative intention in motion under this influence and it returns to bite you in the butt. Refuse to engage in despicable tactics. Instead, make compassion and integrity the basis of your personal platform.
There is a bit of astro aid: Jupiter, when it’s not busy egging-on Pluto and Mars, trines the Sun. Jupiter likes big. The Sun is essentially generous. Together, they form a positive partnership aimed at promoting peace and prosperity. Let this energy to soothe your spirit and mend any wounded fences. A Jupiter Sun trine is also funny. If the intensity feels overwhelming, look for the cosmic joke. It's there. But you won't be able to find it if you take anything, including yourself, too seriously.
This week, rather than engage, stay neutral. Take no unnecessary action. And don't worry, a detached attitude won't turn you into a wuss. An impartial approach will simply help you stay balanced, present, and fair.

September 22, 2000
It's transition time. Today, the Autumn Equinox signals the start of a new season. As we move from summer to fall, we journey from an external phase into an internal one. Making this energetic shift isn't as simple as putting on a sweater. So don't be surprised if you feel out of sorts.
Saturn stars in this seasonal rite of passage. Saturn, despite its infamous reputation as the Lord of Karma, isn't only bad. I'm not denying Saturn can be stern and heavy-handed. Saturn disciplines. Criticizes. Finds the flaw. And makes us nuts by showing us what needs to be worked on next. Often we resist or resent Saturn's influence. It feels too hard or too scary to examine our foundation. We turn Saturn's advise into harsh self-recrimination or and an equally rigid judgmental attitude toward others. Unfortunately, when we succumb to the harsh shadow of Saturn, life becomes desolate. We separate. Isolate. Certain in our opinions. Lonely in life. 
But Saturn is also discernment, structure, and the capacity to learn from experience. As Saturn teaches, it builds diligence, determination, and strength. Saturn functions as the voice of reality. It provides a container. It orders chaos, and through its framework, we organize experience and gather wisdom. Saturn helps us to accept responsibility. It gets down to the bones of things by eliminating what's unnecessary and revealing what's essential. Ultimately, Saturn's gift is expertise and excellence.
This week, we witness several sides of Saturn's force. First, Saturn trines the Sun. This positive influence provides stability. A Saturn Sun trine is also firm and decisive. Use this clarity and precision to enhance your focus. Second, Saturn squares Mars. As these two planets butt heads, Saturn's stern discipline is activated. Mars is the will. Mars wants what Mars wants, and Mars gets angry when its desires are thwarted or controlled. Saturn is bigger than Mars, which means Saturn wins. But not without a fight. This Saturn Mars battle is apt to be stubborn, bitter, and mean. Avoid arguments stimulated by the heat of the moment. Also shun using this energy as a means of pay back. Grudges, new or old, only eat up energy. And in the end leave you exhausted and empty.
Align with the positive attributes of Saturn, and you'll have an easier time adapting and adjusting to the energy of the new season. Fall is the time of year we distill and refine and year's worth of process and growth. Use Saturn's discerning eye to evaluate your progress and harvest your wisdom.  

September 15, 2000
Put on those multidimensional thinking caps. Get out your wisdom robes. Prepare to be smart, witty, artsy, gabby, funny, happy, and sexy. No, I'm not on drugs. And I'm not in denial. Despite a few testy moments, this week is the astro equivalent of the philosopher's stone. Alchemy is in the air as the planets align for breakthroughs. It's the perfect week for grasping new ideas, finding positive solutions, and just plain feeling good.
The first contributor to this optimistic frequency is a Jupiter/Mercury trine. We've been in this energy for a couple of days and it continues until the middle of the week. When Jupiter and Mercury join in a positive alliance, it's possible to see even difficult situations from a philosophic perspective. What's more, Jupiter trine Mercury colors the lens of perception with a humorous filter, enabling us to laugh at life's ironies. But that's not all. The biggest Jupiter/Mercury prize is good, old-fashion common sense. If you've got a problem you haven't been able to solve, this is the week to find the answer.
As Mercury leaves it's trine with Jupiter, it moves into a trine with Uranus, amplifying this solution finding energy. Uranus is the Father of Invention and innovation is its middle name. When Uranus joins with Mercury, intellectual light bulbs turn on and stay on. Intuition ignites. Getting ideas is a snap. And freethinking thought provoking conversations pop up all over the place. Under this influence, it's possible to express and comprehend even the most complex ideas with ease and elegance. If you've always wanted to understand quantum physics, string theory, or how to program your VCR, now's the time.
And there's more. Uranus trines Venus. We've been under this sway of this energy since the middle of last week and it continues until the middle of this week. A Uranus Venus trine stimulates sexual fantasy and the need to explore those yearnings. It's hot. Arousing. Impulsive. And fickle. Uranus Venus is passionately, desperately, can't-control-myself in love one minute and not at all, not the least bit interested, the next. Uranus Venus has it's own rhythm and its beat is unique to the individual. This trine is also plenty positive for artistic and creative expression. So if amour is not your thing, channel this energy into artistic endeavors. Write. Sculpt. Paint. Sing. There's nothing shy about this energy, so don't hold back.
Yes, there's a glitch. Saturn squares Mars. This square can get mean, destructive, and self-serving. But who cares. There's enough positive support to nullify its impact.
Alchemists believed the philosopher's stone could help turn lead into gold. And this week, the Stars provide the juice to do just that. If you encounter an obstacle, let the planets help you transform any difficulties into treasures.

September 8, 2000
Contemplate. Meditate. Study. Observe. We're in the Land of Mind, invited by the Stars to think deep. There's no need to worry about getting depressed. This celestial invitation is neither maudlin nor brooding. Quite the opposite. This week, the Stars support clarity and illumination. What's more, this lucid intellectual atmosphere makes it easy to connect the mental dots. So put those mind muscles to work integrating, synthesizing, and organizing what you want to do and how you want to do it. Your plan doesn't have to be picture perfect. In fact, the more intellectual exercise you engage in, the more likely you are to modify your ideas with increased awareness.
Today, Mercury enters Libra joining the on-going Neptune Saturn trine. As you may already know, this Neptune Saturn trine inspires a thoughtful, caring attitude. Neptune embodies the capacity to merge. Saturn encourages wisdom. Together, they support foresight and insight. Mercury rules the mind. Thought is its natural domain and language and communication are among its favorite pass times. When Mercury joins with Neptune, intuition and imagination blossom. A Neptune/Mercury trine is also sympathetic and empathetic. Listen with your inner ear, and you'll apprehend the subtle subtext in almost any situation. What's more, this Neptune Mercury trine opens wide the temples of the mind, creating a longing for mystical experience. So don't hesitate to explore spiritual practices of all kinds. Neptune trine Mercury makes it possible to experience ecstatic states of unity and bliss without traveling to distant lands or using drugs of any kind.  
What's great is Saturn also trines Mercury, which means there's very little danger of becoming a space cadet. Saturn likes to teach. Mercury loves to learn. This trine is the perfect tool for investigating something new. Don't hesitate to delve into a different belief system. Saturn trine Mercury is a breath of fresh intellectual air. What's more, Saturn grounds Mercury's curiosity, delivering the gift of logic. Together, they foster a thorough, organized, methodical approach, as they simultaneously deliver the capacity to transform ideas into action.
All week long, Neptune, Saturn, and Mercury form a Grand Trine in Air. Trines facilitate success. But it's a "use it or lose it" energy field. So try not to let this ease slip through your fingers. Sure, it may take a minute to adjust to this tranquil flow, especially if you're entrenched in a one way and one way only mindset. And while suffering often serves as a primary motivation for personal growth, it is possible to make progress without angst.
This week, practice mental yoga. Stretch your brain. Bend your mind. Keep your intellect limber. Be flexible and you'll stay open to the realms of possibility and potential.

September 1, 2000
Breathe. Deeply. Then, let body and mind unwind. This week, and the next several weeks, it's safe to relax and let go. Moderation replaces excess. Patience displaces petulance. Distractions diminish. Daily routines settle down. Life gets a little easier. The Stars are singing a sweeter song. And so are we.
The major source of this attitude adjustment is the on-going Neptune Saturn trine. Although we've been under the umbrella of Neptune trine Saturn for the last several weeks, August's brouhaha made it almost impossible to feel its subtle power. Now, as the air clears, the true nature of this positive alliance emerges in the simple tasks of life. Neptune empathizes. Saturn grounds. This trine sincerely cares about the welfare of others and when Neptune and Saturn work together, they help where help is needed. Let this influence imbue your days with thoughtfulness. Help someone you love. Go out of your way to do good deeds. If you always thought volunteering was a good idea, but could never quite get around to doing something about it, Neptune trine Saturn lends an actualizing hand. Make a charitable contribution of your time and energy.
Venus, in Libra, amplifies this spirit of compassion, as it trines both Neptune, in Aquarius, and Saturn, in Gemini. Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty, loves being in Libra--it's one of her Home Signs. When Venus journeys through Libra, she seeks balance and harmony. What's more, because Libra's domain is relating, all relationships, including your relationship with yourself, soften under her soothing hand.
A Neptune Venus trine gives birth to sensitivity and imagination. It also makes romantic and erotic fantasy flourish. Don't be surprised if you fall in love with the idea of love. While Neptune's illusions often foster projection or overly idealistic expectations, this week, the Saturn Venus trine serves as a gentle voice of reality. Saturn trine Venus is loyal and responsible. It's also stabilizing. So you're not likely to get swept away--unless you want to.
One more bit: As Venus trines Neptune and Saturn, she completes a Grand Trine in Air. This is the first of several Grand Trines we'll experience over the course of the next several weeks. Air signs are vital, social, intellectual, and devoted to ideas. Trines create ease. What's more, these Grand Trines inspire. So if you're a little raw from the emotional excitement of the summer, the grace of this positive configuration will help restore your faith and soothe your spirit.
It could take a couple of days to settle into this quieter space. Even if you thrive on crisis, emergencies exhaust the adrenals. So don't be surprised if this week, you need extra rest. The good news is this there's lots of support and plenty of time to replenish your reserves.

August 25, 2000
It's a complex week. On the surface of daily life, we're in the power zone. Hearts beat with the heat of the moment. Pulses race to keep up with the pace. The air feels charged with change. But moving forward is a struggle. Argumentative attitudes create roadblocks. Second-guessing breeds impatience. Moody frustration easily turns into morbid futility. August was rough. In fact, these last few days are so rough they're making denial look mighty fine. So if you feel like getting into bed and hiding under the covers, go right ahead. If you don't want to disassociate or can't sleep deep, then do whatever it is you do to stay calm and present.
Uranus and Pluto provide the power surges. Uranus ups the intensity ante as it opposes Mars. Uranus fights for freedom, gleefully facilitating revolution. Mars is the warrior, always poised for battle. Uranus embodies atomic energy. Mars is the energy of the body. As these two oppose one another, we experience their tension as our need to move. Anticipate abrupt shifts. Also count on breakups and breakthroughs. Because this opposition leaps before it looks, you may find yourself suddenly making those hard to make decisions. Before you jump, peer over the edge of your choices and consider the consequences. You may not change your mind, but at least you'll know where you're headed.
Pluto is also busy. This week, Pluto squares a Sun Mercury conjunction in Virgo as it simultaneously opposes Jupiter. This T-square is the mother of propaganda. Jupiter expands the sincere desire of Mercury and the Sun to be of service, but Pluto infuses this caring bundle with a deep, fanatical need to lead. So pay close attention to the men behind the curtain.
What's more, Saturn squares that Sun Mercury conjunction in Virgo producing a potential for depression and inhibition. This is the energy that puts you in bed, pulls up the covers, and embraces denial. Just try not to let the need for seclusion turn into a pessimistic brood. Sometimes withdrawal is the smart choice, but not when it's made out of bitterness or regret.
Neptune still provides some astro aid as it continues to trine Saturn. This positive alliance truly cares about others and offers a chance to resolve conflicts and find positive solutions. But to make the most of it, you have to put aside your pride.
This week, resist the temptation to force a specific outcome. Hard as it might be, be patient. Take no unnecessary action. Simply show up. Pay attention. And watch the week unfold.

August 18, 2000
It's edgy. There's too much to do. Not enough time to do it in. And there's no let up in sight. Continuous intensity exhausts even the mighty among us. When we get tired, we get vulnerable and that vulnerability easily translates into childish behavior. Tempers flare. Feelings get hurt. And the pity-pot makes a comeback. Don't be surprised if you find yourself over-reacting from overload and overwhelm. To avoid a meltdown of any kind--spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical--you'll need to stay objective. So put on those white witness robes they wore in Stranger in a Strange Land and start taking notes.
Pluto and Uranus, though not in direct contact with each other, are multi-tasking, which is one of the reasons daily life is crashing.
Pluto is the Goddess of Transformation and when she speaks, she speaks low and deep, often voicing unconscious intentions. At the moment, Pluto is opposing Jupiter, encouraging big plans. When aims are lofty and noble, expansive vision is a plus. But when those visions are born of grandiosity, this opposition feeds an obsessive craving for power. Before you insist on your way and your way only, examine your motivation. Ruthless behavior always boomerangs somewhere down the road, particularly in a season of instant karma. One more Pluto bit: Pluto goes Direct on Sunday. For the last several days Pluto's been preparing for this change of direction, which is why it feels as if we're caught in a retrograde hell-zone of delays and snafus. 
Uranus, the Che Guevara of the Astro World, is also exerting its power. Well known for catalyzing change, Uranus often upsets the status quo through startling revelations. Uranus just finished opposing the Sun. That opposition stirred the need to break free. This week, Uranus prepares to oppose Mars, amping-up issues of personal freedom and stirring the need to be free no matter what the cost. Anticipate lots of fights for lots of rights. Also count on mounting frustration and impatience.
For some, this week's astro intensity feels like a test of wills. For others, it's a test of nerves. And for still more, riding these waves of overwhelm is all about survival. No matter where you find yourself along this energetic spectrum, what the week is really about is choice.  Get caught up in the brouhaha and you're apt to react out of habit. Stay objective and you're likely to respond out of consciousness. Habits keep us in the "safety" zone of the known. Conscious responses tend to break new ground but often leave us feeling uncertain and insecure. So don't beat yourself up if you can't maintain a detached perspective. Staying calm in the midst of so much emotional excitement is no easy feat.

August 11, 2000
Planetary activity flashes through the ethers like lights on a pinball machine and life on Earth pings with a busy buzz. It's hectic. Unpredictable. Unsettled. Even a little manic. What’s more, strong wills back the action. The air bristles with determination and drive. Everyone has an agenda. And no one is hiding it. Count on confrontations as brazen replaces polite and brassy takes over for nice. Overwhelm is likely, particularly if you take on too much. Impatience is also probable, especially if you feel entitled to immediate results. Only a thousand-armed Bodhisattva of Compassion could handle this much intensity with ease and grace. So don't beat yourself up if you meltdown from the stress. Do try to adjust to the intensity. This pace isn't shifting anytime soon. You can use this energy to deepen your spiritual practice. But to do so, you'll need to strengthen your center and stay in your integrity.
The big planets continue to facilitate the action. But frankly, there's too much happening to go into every astro relationship in detail. Pluto, the astro agent of transformation, still opposes Jupiter. This week Pluto also squares Venus. And Pluto trines Mars and Mercury in Leo. Uranus, that astro agent of change, continues to oppose the Sun. Neptune is opposing Mars and Mercury. It's as complex as it sounds. And it's almost too much.
Yet beneath the turmoil lies the potential for quiet and calm. This astro antidote comes in the form of Neptune trine Saturn. A Neptune Saturn trine is steady and careful. Saturn likes discipline and precision. Neptune encourages fantasy. But when Saturn guides Neptune's intuitive gifts, foresight and insight flourish. The down side of this alliance is a tendency to put the needs of others before your own. As we all know, self-sacrifice is the well-trodden road to co-dependence. But not this week. As the other planets march stridently toward their goals, they create a climate of self-concern that easily squelches the needs of others. The Neptune/Saturn trine opens a portal of concern and support for our fellow travelers, offering us a chance to practice compassion. This kinder gentler attitude isn't about denying personal need; it's about keeping an open heart, turning the other cheek, and being sensitive to the suffering of all sentient beings.
As the rest of the planets push reactive buttons, use the Neptune Saturn trine to stay steady. The intensity of the week isn't dangerous. It's simply overwhelming. When we're lost in an energetic deluge, remembering what's important and honoring those spiritual values isn't always easy. Do whatever it is you do to stay centered.  Meditate. Pray for your well-being and the happiness of others. Rather than separate or polarize, include.

August 4, 2000
The big Planets--Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter--are catalyzing change and generating heat. When these astro heavyweights throw their weight around, life on Earth gets intense. Very intense. Anticipate changes. Expect distractions. Count on interruptions. There's so much going on, it'll be hard maintaining clarity. So take a deep breath. Get centered and try to stay focused.
The Sun in Leo serves as the center of gravity for both Pluto and Uranus. Pluto trines the Sun. Uranus opposes it. A Pluto Sun trine encourages an appetite for power on every level--physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Aspirations aim high under this influence. And achievements are likely. But personal integrity is essential. Pluto trine the Sun wants success at any cost. What's more, this trine feeds passion and the need to express feelings. Fervent declarations pepper the week, particularly because Uranus opposes the Sun, amping-up this need for personal expression. A Uranus Sun opposition creates a strident need for independence, personal and collective. Radical attitudes replace the status quo and a revolutionary spirit infuses choices and behavior. Try to look before you leap. This testy opposition breeds agitation, irritation, and impatience, which means we're in for surprising stands and startling developments.
But that's not all. A Pluto Jupiter opposition exacerbates this energetic tumult. This tense relationship also strives for power, giving birth to exaggerated dreams and goals. The presidential candidates are likely to respond by making enormous promises. For us mere mortals, Pluto opposing Jupiter produces the tendency to embellish the truth or over-extend. Be realistic. Don't promise what you can't deliver.
And there's more. We're also under the spell of a Neptune Mars opposition. This one is slippery. Neptune oppose Mars dissipates intention as it simultaneously drives a hunger for mind, heart, and body numbing substances. Yes, life is stressful. But self-medication can easily turn into self-abuse.
Saturn moves into Gemini on August 9 and immediately forms a trine with Neptune. Neptune trine Saturn supports a slow and sober pace. This could be a stabilizing force. But it's not likely. Pluto and Uranus easily override this quiet energy.
This week, and the next several weeks, we're on a wild energetic ride. At some point during this journey, each of us is likely to experience an emotional meltdown. So don't take on more than you can handle. And do try to be considerate of others. Make kindness a daily practice and the days will pass with greater ease.

July 28, 2000
Psyche guides our journey this week as we experience the third of July's eclipses. On July 30, there's Solar Eclipse in Leo. When the Moon obscures the Sun, the unconscious dominates, and the shadows of the soul become visible. Because Leo is the child in all of us, early experiences buried in the canyons of memory are remembered. Anticipate deep feelings. Poignant longings. And the need for love. This eclipse offers a profound opportunity to embrace your own personal soul retrieval.
With an almost childlike simplicity, Leo fuels the desire in each of us to live in the world on the basis of being ourselves. Leo celebrates the joy of being in the moment. It's the energy of uninhibited self-expression. It loves fun. And because Leo is generous, Leo delights in big spirits. In Leo's perfect world, everyone expresses his or her full potential. And just like the Sun, its ruling Planet, Leo symbolizes purity of heart.
For most of us, that innocence gets damaged in childhood. One moment, or a series of moments, wounds us emotionally and forever alters our view of the world and our sense of self. Sometimes the damage is purposeful. But more often than not, words and deeds are said and done by unconscious adults, unaware of the impact of their actions. Our society seldom honors the integrity of a child's spirit. Ignorant of the effect of our behavior, we mistakenly assume that children are little lumps. We're oblivious to the notion that even one word can trigger a reaction that lingers for the rest of life, even until we die.
Of course, children need discipline and boundaries. We all do. But children don't have a choice. Children develop through mirroring. Say something harmful about a child and the child believes it. What's more, a child doesn't have the capacity to assess its family as dysfunctional. Human offspring stay with their parents longer than any other species on the Planet. A two-year old that's just been told they're stupid can't turn to their parent and say, "You're nuts. I'm outta here." And what's worse, we grow up treating ourselves the way we've been treated, unaware of being caught in an unconscious cycle of shame, anger, contempt, and any of the other emotional burdens that harm the heart.
This week's eclipse surfaces shadows of the soul, bringing old wounds into consciousness. Most of us don't want to remember the past. It's too painful. But ya gotta feel to heal. If you need help sorting through your feelings, go to therapy. If you need inspiration, go to see "The Kid". It illustrates the need to heal these childhood wounds with humor and tenderhearted care. The kind of care we all need. The kind of care most of us never got. The kind of care we long for. And the kind of care we can learn to give ourselves.

July 21, 2000
We're out of the water and into the fire. So put away your rain gear and start applying sunscreen. It's not that we're finished with the Eclipse Effect. Feelings still fill the air. But on Saturday, the Sun moves out of Cancer and into Leo. Leo generates a different kind of emotional intensity. What was soggy dries out and what was slow gets fast. The rays of this Leo Sun illuminate several other Planets, sparking connection and activity. So say "bye-bye" to lethargy and "hell-o" to energy.
The Sun loves Leo because Leo is its Home Sign. Vital, alive, and eager to embrace life, the Sun in Leo feeds the spirit and warms the heart. Put simply, it's permission to be happy.
As soon as the Sun enters Leo, it contacts several of its planetary cohorts. First, the Sun conjuncts Venus. A Sun Venus conjunction loves love. So count on passion and the very real need to express your desires. A Sun Venus conjunction also adores art. Creativity flowers under this influence. As do social engagements. So if you've spent the last few weeks tucked under the covers, it's time to get out of bed. Or, if you spent the last several weeks taking care of others, now is the time to get your own needs met.
But that's not all. Pluto trines both the Sun and Venus, amping-up the heat and fueling romantic and sexual encounters. A Venus Pluto trine is sexy--very sexy. Just try not to get singed by the flames of a fatal attraction. If romance doesn't strike your fancy, this entire bundle can also enhance artistic endeavors. Fire up the kiln, paintbrushes, pens, and any other tools you use to express your spirit.

But there's more. Neptune opposes the Sun. This opposition is a bit tricky because it creates hypersensitivity. On one hand, it's an excellent combo for meditation, mystical experiences, and poetic perspective. On the other, Neptune opposition the Sun encourages the use of narcotics as a way of coping with extreme tenderness. A Neptune Sun opposition also makes us highly susceptible to suggestion. So if "it" sounds to good to be true, it probably is.
One more bit: Jupiter, in Gemini, sextiles the Sun, in Leo, tickling funny bones. So don't be surprised if everything seems funny. Very funny.
The week is so damn optimistic there won't be a lot of time to brood over what happens next. So enjoy the change of air. And have as much fun as you possibly can.

July 14, 2000
We're still sailing on an ocean of emotion, surrounded by waves of feeling, caught between two Solar Eclipses. Consider the entire month of July the astro equivalent of The Perfect Storm. But we're not catching fish. These celestial waters aren't dangerous. And there's no need to go down with the ship. On Sunday, a Lunar Eclipse delineates the midpoint of this highly sensitive journey. Just as the eye of a hurricane reveals clear blue skies, this Lunar Eclipse provides a brief moment of clarity. Use this time to reorient yourself and regain your perspective.
Since July first, we've been submerged in the deep currents of a Solar Eclipse in Cancer. During a Solar Eclipse, the Moon overshadows the Sun. Instinct overrides reason. The unconscious dominates. And daily life jiggles like Jell-O, making it difficult to focus on mundane tasks. 
During a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon. Cut off from the light of the Moon, the only way to see the soul's reflection is through our earthly behavior. A Lunar Eclipse presents us with a conscious test and says, "Let's see how well you walk your talk".
Sunday's Lunar Eclipse takes place on the solid ground of Capricorn, the Sign opposite Cancer. But Capricorn and Cancer are not opposing forces. They form a spectrum of experience and each is the other's shadow. Cancer is reactive. Capricorn is deliberate. Cancer is internal. Capricorn, external. Through Cancer we experience what it means to bond. Through Capricorn we experience what it means to be solitary. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, embraces mothering, and allows us to form deep emotional connections. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, embodies authority, and represents the need for separation.
As the Moon is eclipsed in Capricorn, the high tides of emotional turmoil recede and in their wake, issues of recognition wash to shore. On the mundane level, professional concerns grab the spotlight. In its most profound context, we're being asked to contemplate our soul's desire. So spend some time thinking about what you want to be known for. And just as the Solar Eclipse emphasized issues of internal security, this Lunar Eclipse focuses on external safety.
This week, as your feet touch the ground, don't be lulled into thinking it's time to drop anchor. The world may stop wobbling for a millisecond, but emotional bodies still quiver. One more bit: Mercury goes Direct on Monday, quickening the pace of daily life. So take a deep breath. Get centered. And try to stay on course.

July 7, 2000
This week, the Stars suspend reality and we sail into the mystic. Normal life doesn't disappear. But ordinary time feels distorted. The minutes and hours of a day in the life of Planet Earth expand and collapse without rhyme or reason. Instead of dancing with the mundane, we sway with the rhythms of the sacred. So turn off your mind. Relax. And float into the Dreamtime.
Several astro factors foster this magical mystery tour. First, we're in the after glow of last week's Solar Eclipse. Second, we're poised on the threshold of next week's Lunar Eclipse on July 16. Eclipses stand outside of time. Both of these eclipse events happen in the highly sensitive Sign of Cancer. Cancer longs to belong. Don't be surprised if you're wrestling with family issues--past, present, and future. Themes of safety and security also surface under Cancer's influence so pay attention to motivation and intention. Use this emotional climate to get in touch with what you need to feel nourished and supported.
The third portal into this week's mystical landscape is Neptune trine Jupiter. Neptune rules imagination. Jupiter embraces expansion. Neptune is in Aquarius, the Sign of Utopian Ideals. And Jupiter just moved into Gemini, the Sign of the Mind. This trine supports mind-games of all kinds, producing the potential to think big. Neptune trine Jupiter also encourages excursions into alternate realities. And you don't need drugs to enjoy the scenery. What's more, Neptune trine Jupiter is spiritually idealistic, enabling us to give love to those who need it. This is the perfect astro antidote to the hyper-neediness of the eclipse effect.
Jupiter's journey through Gemini focuses on communication. Ruled by Mercury, and propelled by the gift of curiosity, Gemini loves gathering information almost as much as it enjoys sharing it. Unfortunately, in its quest for intellectual stimulation, Gemini tends to bypass emotional experience. Which is why Gemini has a street reputation for being superficial. But the Sign of the Twins isn't shallow. Gemini is the birthplace of language. It allows us to communicate. And communication is the essence of intimacy. The complex process of naming what we feel and then expressing those feelings through words connects us to ourselves and to each other. But that doesn't make Gemini word perfect. Indeed, Gemini's struggle with the power of communication often manifests as the tendency to be a "Chatty Kathy". But without Gemini's gift of gab we would live in a silent world. And a boring one.
As the week unfolds, we're sliding our way through a variety of realities. There's nothing dangerous about this consciousness-expanding energy. At worst, you'll become a space cadet. At best, you'll reach out and touch the Divine.

June 30, 2000
Life feels surreal. And it's not just Mercury Retrograde creating this climate of strange. Tomorrow, a Solar Eclipse sends sensitivity surges pulsing through daily life. Reactive tides run high. Feelings dominate yet easily slip through the cracks of language. Intuition blossoms but discernment blurs. Knowing the difference between fact and fantasy won't be easy. You'll need a steady internal compass to navigate this ocean of emotion. You'll also want to keep it simple.
Tomorrow's Solar Eclipse is the first of three this month. (Yes, that's right. Three. There's a Lunar Eclipse on the 16. And another Solar Eclipse, in Leo, on the 30.) Eclipses interrupt the "normal" flow. And because eclipses also stand outside of time, we often feel their effect before or after the actual event.
During a Solar Eclipse, the Moon obscures the Sun and the unconscious dominates. This first Solar Eclipse happens in the highly sensitive Sign of Cancer. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is home to issues of safety and security. So don't be surprised if you find yourself fretting or worrying. What's more, because Cancer has everything to do with mothering and nourishment, we're all apt to be more than a little needy.
But that's not all. Mars plays a big role in tomorrow's eclipse. Mars is in Cancer, conjunct the Sun. Mars doesn't do all that well in Cancer. Mars likes to assert. Cancer favors hesitation. Cancer's caution holds Mars in check, and Mars often deals with this frustration by displaying passive aggressive behavior. It could take several days for Mars to erupt. So expect lots of acting out and ill-timed temper tantrums.
Mercury Retrograde in Cancer amplifies this air of impatience. When Mercury moves "backwards" communication and travel hassles abound. But remember, Mercury Retrograde is an invitation to slow down and take it easy. Yes, this snail's pace resembles molasses. But resisting Mercury Retrograde is futile. So don't waste your energy trying to stick to a specific timetable. Lighten up and let the delays work for you.
Jupiter moves into Gemini, today, providing a bit of astro aid. Jupiter is the Planet of opportunity, good-fortune, and humor. Gemini is convivial, curious, and charming. It's the Sign where we learn to communicate and share ideas. Jupiter's entry into Gemini creates a good-natured attitude. Use this influence to offset tension. If life gets too intense, start singing "Feelings, oh, oh, oh, feelings." Generate a giggle, and you'll instantly shift your mood. Laughter always lifts the heart.

June 23, 2000
We're in the lazy, hazy, and crazy days of summer. But the Solstice isn't the only source of this seasonal attitude. Today, Mercury goes Retrograde and stays retrograde until July 17. When Mercury is Retrograde, the pace of daily life slows to a crawl, communication gets cloudy, and normal chores become maddening with delays. Procrastination is probable. So is frustration, particularly if you insist on pushing this Retrograde River. So rather than struggle, relax. Take your time. Enjoy the long, hot days. But keep your cool.
For those of you unfamiliar with Mercury Retrograde, here's the low-down. Mercury is the multidimensional mental traveler of the astro world, able to move between Heaven and Earth in the blink of a mind's eye. Anything and everything related to communication and travel fall within Mercury's domain. Language, contracts, computers, negotiations, closings, telephones, faxes, email, even your daily commute are all impacted by Mercury. When Mercury seemingly moves backwards, life on Earth goes a little berserk. Appointments are postponed. Rescheduling becomes a big mess. Cable lines cross. And the Internet crashes. A lot. The next three weeks are not a good time to buy a phone or a computer. Mercury Retrograde is also not the best period for initiating new projects. It's not that plans and projects won't go through. They most likely will, but not without a hitch or hassle.
When Mercury retraces its path, we retrace ours, which is why Mercury Retrograde is an excellent period to review, reconsider, and reexamine. It's also a great time to clean up and clean out. So be bold. Accept the challenge of the garage, the attic, your desk, or that closet you stuff everything into and are afraid to open.
Mercury is Retrograde in Cancer. The Sun, Mars, and Venus are also conjunct in Cancer. Cancer embodies deep emotional and internal energy. So use this time to catch your breath. Hunker down at home. And don't worry if you feel lethargic. Find a hammock or a shady tree and unwind. The last few weeks were super-charged with activity. Now, it's time to restore and replenish your reserves.
Don't let the trials and tribulations of this Retrograde cloud your vision and make you nuts. Release the need to control the outcome. Take each day as it comes. Let go. And allow the universe to reveal its magic.

June 16, 2000
We're out of our heads and into our hearts as the planetary mood swings from the imaginal to the emotional. The need for sympathy and affection wafts through the week making everyone slightly more sensitive than the average bear. So be kind to your fellow travelers. Everyone is going to need a lot of attention.
The source of this sentimental frequency is the Sign of Cancer. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is fertile, nurturing, receptive, and highly sensitive. And while Cancer is the Sign of Maternal Instinct, Cancer is also highly romantic. Mars moves Cancer, today. Venus follows on the 18. And the Sun enters Cancer on the 20. This astro ménage-a-trois stirs passion. A Sun Venus conjunction gives birth to love. Mars conjunct Venus adds the sizzle. And lust fills the air, turning even the shiest among us ardent.
But this Sun, Venus, Mars conjunction in Cancer isn't only about being in love with another person. As I often advise, our primary partnership is with ourselves. So become your own best lover. Acknowledge your gifts. Praise your talents. Delight in your foibles. Indulge your needs. Appreciate your spirit. Be passionate about who you are, where you are, and what you believe in.
What's more, the Sun, Venus, and Mars also encourage artistic expression. Put this energy to good use writing, dancing, painting, potting, or doing whatever it is you do to express yourself creatively. Keep in mind, Cancer isn't as social as Gemini. So you may not feel like partying. Indeed, you may want to spend time alone lulling in a hammock, spending a day in bed, or getting lost in a big, fat, juicy novel.
Cancer also takes its time. There's nothing reckless or impetuous about Cancer's decision-making process. Carefully contemplating its choices, Cancer moves with deliberation. This celestial change of pace coincides with the next Mercury Retrograde phase of the year. Mercury goes Retrograde, in Cancer, on the 23. This week, as Mercury pivots in preparation for its course correction, earthly feet start to drag. Famous for creating communication and travel snafus, Mercury Retrograde does bollix daily life. But remember, Mercury Retrograde also creates the space to reconsider the details. And after the last few weeks of manic activity, this slow down offers welcome relief.
But we're not in Mercury Retrograde yet. This week, we're in the emotional body. So heed your heart. Feel your feelings. Trust your tummy. And give yourself permission to be needy. Yes, I know, neediness carries a big charge. But in reality, there's no blame or shame about needing love. In fact, the desire to love and be loved is a basic need we all share equally.

June 9, 2000
It's a love fest. For Aliens. Exotic rhythms make hearts beat fast. Eclectic tastes make emotional bodies swoon. From quaint to kinky, we're in the mood for a "different" kinda love. And even though these magnetic frequencies feel capricious, they do provide the potential to stretch. Who or what you once dismissed as unattractive or not your type could suddenly spark your interest and become simply irresistible.
This lure of the unusual is stirred by Uranus, in Aquarius, trine a Venus Sun conjunction in Gemini. Uranus is the King of the Eccentric and the Father of Invention. Venus is the Goddess of Love and Beauty. When Uranus and Venus join, what's ordinary becomes boring and what's conventional turns dull. Uranus and Venus hunger for something new. Their sexual craving arouses a similar longing in us, creating an air of sexual adventure and experimentation. And because Uranus also trines the Sun, the need for innovation is impossible to deny. Pulses quicken with the desire and the willingness to be bold. 
Aquarius amplifies a broad-minded, liberal attitude. And Gemini is also no slouch in the let's-try-something-new-department. Essentially curious and easily bored, Gemini loves to widen its range of information. Gemini is also quite charming and capable of turning any conversation into an exercise in seduction. Words become aphrodisiacs. Expect stimulating exchanges. Also anticipate flirtations. Lots of them. But because Gemini is fickle, these infatuations may not last. You could easily find yourself head over heels one moment and cold as ice the next. So try to avoid getting married or divorced on basis of a momentary sensation. What feels like a hot encounter could just be a passing fancy.
On a non-romantic note, this Uranus, Sun, and Venus trine also feeds artistic passion. Put this creative energy to good use risking a new style, color, movement, or instrument. Reach out for a new artistic voice, and you'll be pleased with the results. Self-expression blossoms under this influence.
The entire combination of Uranus, Venus, and the Sun opens the heart and encourages true free love. So first, fall in love with yourself--truly madly and deeply. Then, from that place of self-respect, you can break through the boundaries of bigotry or the confines of habit. Remember, your attraction may not last. But that doesn't mean it can't be fun. Fall in love with an ET but don't spend a single moment worrying about what Planet you'll live on or what your children will look like. Simply enjoy this cosmic permission for a change of pace.

June 2, 2000
Like the beat, beat, beat of a tom-tom a steady current of enterprise pulses through the week. The days are packed with endeavor and the nights are filled with the pursuit of pleasure. Finding enough time to juggle work and play takes some doing, but it can be done.
This week's powerful rhythm is propelled by a Uranus/Mars trine.
Uranus is the Astro Saint of Change. Excitable, volatile, and eager for freedom, Uranus catalyzes stagnant situations. Mars is the Astro Saint of Movement. Assertive, courageous and bold, Mars revels in challenge. Together, Uranus and Mars create an energetic resilience capable of coping with sudden emergencies. This capacity for transition comes as a welcome relief especially after the last several weeks of turmoil.
Uranus trine Mars is also the energetic signature of the freedom fighter. Revolutionaries long for their assistance. And while it is unlikely you'll need support for a forced march or guerilla tactics, you are apt to feel a big need to break free from the negative ties that bind. Just try to avoid rash or impetuous behavior fueled by the passion of the moment. Choose your battles wisely and keep the long view in sight.
One more bit: Under the influence of a Mars Uranus trine great efforts meet with success. Marathons are won, term papers get handed in on time, and construction projects complete early.
Beneath the intense throb of Uranus Mars, lies a subtle but equally powerful pulsation. The Sun and Venus are conjunct in Gemini. And both are opposed by Pluto and Chiron. A Sun Venus conjunction is all about love, beauty, and ideals. Romantic liaisons flourish under this influence. Gemini is highly social, which is why calendars are peppered with play. But remember Gemini is also fickle. So don't be surprised if you find yourself falling in and out of love--a lot.
Pluto's opposition to the Sun and Venus could make infatuations feel fated and thwarted all at the same time. And when you add Chiron to the mix, old emotional wounds surface. Power struggles are probable. So are projections. But the emphasis on romance isn't only sticky with previous experiences. Heartfelt connections are also possible. What's more, the Sun and Venus travel together for several weeks, so there's plenty of time to languish in love and revel in romance.
This week, try not to let the cosmic cadence exhaust you. Work hard, but leave plenty of time for fun.

May 26, 2000
The Taurus Convergence: Part Five
The Taurus Convergence culminates on May 28 when the Saturn Jupiter conjunction is exact and we embark on a new 20-year cycle. Some lives have already changed. Others are about to shift. But for most of us life won't transform in the blink of an eye. Time is a big player in the 3-D. Yet over the course of the next several years, the impact of this new Saturn Jupiter cycle will ripple across the collective pond altering purpose and consciousness.
The essence of a Saturn Jupiter conjunction is wisdom. Not intellectual knowledge. Not more information. Just straight up insight and understanding. What's more, wisdom isn't about age. You can be old and stupid. Or, young and wise. Soul knowledge doesn't discriminate. But we do. Especially when we dismiss the sagacity of others because it doesn't fit our worldview. It's always hard to honor what we don't understand. But just making the effort keeps spiritual, mental, and emotional muscles limber and able to grow.
Saturn provides the lens through which we discern and learn from experience. Jupiter allows us to reach for the truth and bridge the gap between heaven and earth. Taurus is all about appreciating the gift of being in a body. When we're happy, we love being alive. All is right with the world. When we're suffering, existence is a hell zone. Every day is a battlefield. Taurus rules resources, external and internal. And the greatest resource of all is spirit. Saturn conjunct Jupiter in Taurus is an invitation to deepen our awareness of what it means to be a spirit in the material world.
The best result of this conjunction would be a new paradigm capable of meeting the needs of Earth's inhabitants, two-legged, four-legged, and all other life forms. Capitalism doesn't work. And neither does communism. I dream of a system where no one is hungry, cold, sick, or alone. Our resources, sacred and profane, are vast enough to embrace everyone if we're willing to learn how to use them wisely. No being needs to starve in the face of so much abundance.
For the last several weeks, I've tried to shed light on the astro puzzle of the Saturn Jupiter conjunction. But in truth, there's no telling how these energies will play out. Astrology is a perfect democracy. All are equal under the Stars. How we utilize these greater gravitational fields depends on who we are and the choices we make. Every astro influence covers a spectrum of potential. Free will is the key to accessing the possibilities. And free will makes everyone of us a creative genius. It's not about right and wrong. Choice depends on consciousness. And consciousness changes with experience.

May 19, 2000
The Taurus Convergence, Part Four.
We're caught between what was and what will be. And what is feels shaky. Very shaky. The Taurus stellium is pulling apart. The Sun enters Gemini tomorrow. Venus follows the Sun next Friday. As the Planets go their separate ways, the wake of their convergence ripples across the collective pond. For some, anticipation of what's next is cause for celebration. For many others, this transition is a time for grief. And for still more, the solid ground of daily life feels fluid and unstable. Handling these emotional waves means making decisions, big and small. So no matter how busy your life may be, make time to center. A strong intuition helps bridge heaven and earth.
The most significant players in the Taurus convergence have been--and still are--Saturn and Jupiter. Their conjunction isn't exact until May 28. Which means we're still in the releasing phase of the last Saturn Jupiter conjunction of 1980. Consider the next nine days a huge catharsis. Letting go is often difficult. But holding on can prove costly. Try not to cling to anything out of habit or fear. Remember, releasing what you no longer need always creates the space for something new.
Amplifying this cathartic atmosphere, Uranus squares Saturn and Jupiter. And here's where the ground of being quakes. Uranus has been squaring Saturn for almost the entire year. And as you already know, the gist of this fractious relationship is the breaking down of out-dated value systems, personal and collective. Uranus square Saturn irritates even the air, producing emotional stresses and strains that are apt to cause emotional outbursts. Beneath the surface of these upheavals is a deep need for independence and the willingness to do whatever it takes to create that freedom.
Jupiter does soften the edges of this volcanic environment. Essentially philosophical and optimistic, Jupiter doesn't support violence. Quite the opposite, Jupiter is gentle. Yes, Jupiter can exaggerate, but Jupiter's humor goes a long way toward easing tension. As Jupiter combines with Saturn and Uranus, it provides the ability to make the most of difficult situations. Sudden reversals of fortune don't have to be negative, and startling twists of fate often lead us down a road not consciously chosen but unconsciously desired.
One more bit: We're also under the influence of a Mars Pluto opposition. This configuration feeds ruthlessness. Be careful. Yes, Mars and Pluto can supply extraordinary energy. But this combo just as easily seduces us into heartless ambition. Try not to cause harm to yourself or others. Remember the Rule of Karma--the means engender the ends.
From a Buddhist perspective, every death is followed by a rebirth. Apply this wisdom to the little and big ego deaths of the week and you'll have an easier navigating these emotional tides.

May 12, 2000
The Taurus Convergence, Part Three.
A moody wind blows through the week carrying the scent of uncertainty. Even though five Planets continue to concentrate their energy in the put-your-feet-on-the-ground-and-keep-them-there Sign of Taurus, the air feels unsettled. That's because we're in the throes of a major transition, completing one astro cycle and beginning another. Important passages are often uncomfortable and confusing. So cut yourself some slack if you're feeling out of sorts or unsure.
The core of this week's vacillating energy is Saturn conjunct Jupiter in Taurus. Saturn and Jupiter are only conjunct every 20 years. Their conjunction always signals a new cycle. And while a Saturn Jupiter conjunction promises opportunity, the shift from old to new is apt to feel awkward. What's old is known. What's new has yet to be created. And the space in between is disconcerting. But the overall picture is positive. Jupiter encourages growth and is optimistic, eager, and generous. Saturn embraces structure and is sober, realistic, and conservative. Saturn refines Jupiter's enthusiasm. Jupiter soothes Saturn's need for safety. Together, they reach for long-term plans, guided by patience. The shadow of their goal-oriented attitude sometimes manifests as discontent, particularly at the beginning of the cycle.
Uranus, in Aquarius, amplifies this sense of dissatisfaction as it squares Saturn and Jupiter, in Taurus. Uranus agitates and catalyzes shift. Taurus is Fixed Earth and isn't all that fond of change. Taurus, with its steady resolve, moves persistently toward its goals. Uranus, with its need for innovation, probes Taurus' motives. Taurus feels undermined. And the result is resistance. And while resistance has many positive benefits, resistance also makes us cranky. So anticipate irritation. Also count on having very little tolerance for the testy disposition of others. It's impossible to deny Uranus, so don't even try. Instead, allow Uranus to stimulate your process. Try on a new perspective. You may end up with exactly the same answers and game plan you started with. But you could also gain new insights and increase your awareness.
It's always hard living comfortably in a state of uncertainty. And this week, handling the contrast between the determination of Taurus, the provocation of Uranus, and the limbo land of a new cycle could feel overwhelming. So don't forget to breathe. Bend with the mood swings. Commit to growth. And trust in your process.

May 5, 2000
The Taurus Convergence, Part Two.
It's treasure hunt this week, as five Planets--the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn continue to line-up in Taurus, the Sign of True Value. This Taurus concentration could make you shop till you drop. But it could just as easily make you hungry for meaning. What's more, Uranus squares several of these Taurus Planets catalyzing an urge for shift. Uranus abhors the status quo. So don't be surprised if your search for substance includes some unusual plot twists.
We've been under the influence of Uranus square Saturn since last June. Uranus is in Aquarius, the Sign of Innovation. Saturn is in Taurus, the Sign of Values. This on-going square is aimed at breaking down useless systems that no longer serve--personal and collective. Now, as the Sun and Jupiter join the team, there's a final push for personal freedom. Jupiter is optimistic. So is the Sun. The entire bundle motivates impulsive behavior and sudden changes. You could experience this energy as an urgent need to tell the truth--to yourself and anyone else who will listen. Marriages built on denial could collapse. Friendships quieted by a fear of confrontation might erupt in marathon sessions of candor. Uranus square Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun asks us to get in touch with what we ultimately value. When we're asked to connect to what matters most, what doesn't matter at all becomes glaringly apparent. Continue telling the truth, even if it’s the hardest work you've ever done. Just be prepared to live with the consequences.
We're also under the influence of the Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Taurus. Because Taurus is all about Resources, this unusual conjunction points a celestial finger at resources of all kinds--material and spiritual. Most of us hear the word "resource" and immediately start thinking money. But money is only valuable in the material world. A big fat stock portfolio is meaningless in heaven. And if we learned anything at all from the Egyptians, we learned you can't take it with you. What we most likely take with us from this life into the next is our capacity for love. Which may be why generosity makes the heart sing and parsimony shuts it down.
This week, probe what you believe in. Wonder about who and what you love. And why. Open your heart to yourself, first. If you get stuck in thinking you're worthless, get to work on self-recovery. Every life has value. If you're liking' yourself, be openhearted. Share the treasure of love.

April 28, 2000
The Taurus Convergence, Part One.
Welcome to the astro equivalent of "x marks the spot" as seven planets converge in Taurus. That's right. Seven. On May 2 and 3, all the inner planets --the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn--come together in the same sign. Conjunctions of two, three, or four planets aren't that unusual. Seven is. But there's no need to worry. Sure, daily life could feel a little lopsided, but this convergence is not a negative event. It's a teaching in manifestation. And it's so unusual the next several weeks are devoted to understanding it.
When several planets are conjunct, or share the same space, their energy intensifies. Here, on Earth, we experience this power as concentrated focus. And because the current convergence is in Taurus, dogged determination takes on a new meaning. Taurus defines persistence. It's stable, constant, and persevering. And while Taurus has a reputation for being stubborn, at its core, Taurus embodies steady resolve. The first of the Earth Signs, Taurus is the time of year we plant seeds--of all kinds. Other Signs grow impatient with the manifestation process here, on Planet Earth. But not Taurus. Taurus understands everything takes time. Working diligently to accomplish its goals, Taurus is confident in its ability to bring any garden to fruition.
Among these many Taurus conjunctions, there's one particular celestial coupling that creates an aura of destiny-Saturn conjunct Jupiter. Saturn and Jupiter only form a conjunction every 20 years. The last time they were conjunct in Taurus was 1940-41. Saturn sets limits and is the voice of reality. Jupiter expands and is the voice of opportunity. Jupiter pushes Saturn's boundaries. Saturn makes Jupiter realistic. Together, they stimulate growth, personal and collective. Saturn and Jupiter also focus on ethics. Saturn is the judge. On the negative end of Saturn's judgment spectrum, Saturn only sees right and wrong. On the positive end, Saturn's critical nature manifests as discernment. When Saturn is tempered by experience, it leaves polarized opinion behind as it searches for understanding. This is Saturn's true role--the capacity for wisdom.
Jupiter is the seeker. It quests for truth that stands outside the shifting sands of social mores. Jupiter wants consciousness. And Jupiter intuits. The downside of this search for the big picture is existential overwhelm that often manifests as cynical alienation or the fanatical insistence on one way and one way only. But the benefits of Jupiter's appetite for knowledge are well worth its efforts. Jupiter sees all spiritual paths as valid, and knows a very simple truth: When human beings touch the divine, we deepen our connection to life.

April 21, 2000
The Stars are strong. And as they throw their weight around, we're slammed to the mat one minute and elevated to the heavens the next. Keeping up with these celestial mood swings requires a robust spirit. Stay open and you'll stay sure-footed. Rather than manipulate a specific outcome, let go. As the Great Mystery unfolds, we get to witness its plan.
Mars square Uranus still sets a manic pace. This week, Mars separates from Uranus and the impact of this difficult energy ripples across the collective pond. Mars is the God of War. Uranus, the Father of Revolution. When they butt heads, anger escalates. Mars square Uranus also stimulates the need for freedom. Notice what shackles and enslaves you. Then, have the courage to break free. Just resist the temptation of violence.
Adding to the already agitated atmosphere, the Uranus Saturn square continues. Saturn likes structure. Uranus wants shift. We've been under the influence of this square for almost a year. At the core, Uranus square Saturn breaks down old useless systems. Saturn is in Taurus, the sign of resources and values. Uranus is in Aquarius, the sign of utopian communities. This square insists on restructuring value systems, personal and collective. At the moment, Uranus square Saturn is rocking financial foundations. Economic systems that deny Mother Earth and all her inhabitants do not reflect the biggest possible picture. Not that there's anything wrong with money. We love money. But Uranus in Aquarius stimulates the need for an egalitarian agenda aimed at both eliminating class distinctions and creating a sustainable culture. Saturn, unfortunately, still clings to what's tried but no longer true. So expect these economic earthquakes to continue.
But disruption isn't the only activity on the astro agenda. A powerful portal for manifestation opens this week as Saturn and Jupiter start their conjunction in Taurus. Among its many other functions, Saturn embodies perseverance. It sustains and endures. Jupiter embraces expansion. It creates opportunity. Taurus is fertile earth and ripe with potential. What's more, Taurus never shies away from the hard work necessary to actualize its ambitions.
This week, don't let the difficulties distract you. Attune to the energy of the Saturn Jupiter conjunction. Focus your intentions. Then, do your footwork. You may not see the results of your efforts immediately. But you will see a payoff in the long run. Believe in life's possibilities. And let that faith guide your choices.

April 14, 2000
I'm ferklempt. The Planets are talking amongst themselves. There's just too much going on to cover all the astro action, let alone include the nuances. Daily life has a frenetic buzz. Even if you aren't busy, the collective is. And if you listen closely, beneath this bustle, you'll hear the steady sound of purpose. More than a few good Planets are moving inexorably toward a unique celestial event on May 2 and 3, when seven Planets line-up in Taurus. Don't worry; it's not a negative convergence. This stellium concentrates energy. It's pure potential and bodes well for opportunity and growth.
Mars, Saturn, and Uranus generate the week's manic feel. Mars is still conjunct Saturn creating an exacting environment. To Mars' dismay, Saturn makes discipline more important than movement. Their conjunction is exact on the 16. Then, Mars moves on. When hard aspects separate we experience the repercussions. What's more, as Mars breaks free from Saturn's grip, Mars immediately moves into a square with Uranus. Mars, already agitated and pissed off by Saturn's need to control easily succumbs to Uranus' need to stir things up. Mars is pure energy. Uranus is nuclear. As they butt heads, already unstable situations erupt and the atmosphere turns volatile. Together, Mars and Uranus fight for freedom--some times just for the sake of battle. One more bit: A Mars Uranus square is famous for causing accidents. Take your time. And no road rage of any kind.
But beneath this explosive atmosphere, the Planets are determinedly lining up in Taurus. At the moment, its Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn. Over the course of the next two weeks, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus join these Three Amigos. The most significant coupling in this Taurus grouping is the Saturn Jupiter conjunction. The last time Jupiter and Saturn shared the same space was l980. And they haven't been conjunct in Taurus since 1940-41. Taurus is the time of year we prepare soil and plant seeds. Jupiter is the Planet of opportunity. Saturn appreciates foundation and structure. What gets planted under the influence of this rare configuration will bear fruit for a long time. By the end of the week, we'll start to feel the impact of Jupiter conjunction Saturn. So start planning your energetic garden, now.
The week rides a rough road. Refuse to participate in negative activities. Channel your excess energy into finishing up what's old and preparing for what's new. Focus your attention on intention. Don't procrastinate. The ethers are alive with promise.

April 7, 2000
There is nothing easy about the week. Expect to be moody, testy, and edgy--angry one minute and anxious the next. Depression is likely. And so is frustration. On the surface, difficult events trigger irritation and reactions are apt to turn extreme. But beneath the intensity, the week offers an invitation for self-examination. As the Planets concentrate their efforts on issues of ego--always a juicy topic, here, on the Planet of Free Will--they simultaneously provide opportunities for insight and consciousness.
A Saturn Mars conjunction in Taurus stimulates this ego exam. Traditionally seen as harmful and destructive, Saturn conjunct Mars is famous for broken bones, tests of strength, inhibition, and separations. But from a transformational perspective,  Saturn conjunct Mars isn't only bad news. Saturn is the principle of structure, discipline, and limits. At its core, Saturn is the instrument of wisdom. Without Saturn's discerning eye, we wouldn't be able to sort through experiences and gather understanding. Mars is energy, ego, and will. And at its core, Mars is the instrument of individuation. When Saturn and Mars form a positive relationship, they build a strong sense of self. When they are conjunct, or occupying the same space, this process of self-formation turns tense. Mars needs to move. Saturn imposes restrictions. If Saturn's need to enforce boundaries is motivated by fear or ignorance, Mars feels impotent. Hopeless. Frustrated. And Mars responds with inappropriate rage or imploded collapse. If Saturn's need for structure is guided by knowledge, Mars feels confident and supported in its efforts to assert. This is the solid ground of self, able to recognize the value of discipline and comfortable working within its limits.
Saturn and Mars are conjunct for the next two weeks, offering a chance to examine the stuff the self is made of. What makes you angry? Sad? Afraid? Are you judgmental? Do you draw harsh lines that punish, diminish, or blame yourself or others? Keep in mind, condemning criticism isn't the same as discernment. Negative judgments motivated by the need to be right lack the clarity and perspective of the big picture. Just as self-righteous admonitions, rationalized as "help", but secretly aimed at diminishing or belittling others, often only cause harm. 
This week, as the winds of blame swirl around us, notice where you're stuck in self-destructive behavior. Do you batter yourself with violent thoughts? Do you hate your body because it doesn't mimic an artificial standard? Do you bombard yourself with a constant litany of negative criticism? Commit to changing those patterns, even if just one. Promise to treat yourself with love. When the self is nurtured by kindness instead of cruelty, compassion flourishes, and the heart stays open.

March 31, 2000
This week and the next several weeks are a non-stop astro action film festival, with multiple movies showing on split screens. Be aware, these cosmic projections are not linear. You’ll need your multidimensional beanies to track the activities. And don’t forget to attach the galactic antenna. You’ll want to be able to decipher information beamed from other dimensions. What’s essential is staying grounded in the 3-D and consciously connected to spirit. Sounds simple. But being a bridge between Heaven and Earth won’t be easy. These astro drams intersect, overlap, and pull in opposite directions, all at the same time, making it easy to get lost—inside and out.
This week two diverse plots play in parallel universes. Plot No. 1 stars several dynamic duos. First, Pluto trines the Sun. This positive alliance is all about personal power. While it fuels a longing to rule, it isn’t necessarily negative. Yes, it feeds a competitive spirit, but Pluto trine the Sun also fires passion. Anticipate an unbridled desire to follow your heart. The second dynamic duo is a Jupiter Mars conjunction. This conjunction amplifies competition. Jupiter loves to be big. Mars must win. And together, they push each other toward success, focusing on specific goals, and staying focused no matter what. Neither Jupiter nor Mars likes being told what do to. Temper tantrums are likely when efforts feel thwarted or egos go unrecognized.
The third dynamic duo in this week’s astro drama is Uranus square Saturn. Uranus insists on shift. Saturn resists. And the result is an aggressive atmosphere. Fear of letting go lurks beneath this irritable energy. It’s hard to give up tried and true methods, particularly when we want to win.
Plot No. 2 tells a tale of potential. At first glance, it looks like a rehearsal. The pace is slow. But don’t let that fool you. The impact is profound. We’re building toward an unusual celestial alignment, culminating on May 2, 2000 when seven Planets line-up in the Taurus. As the Planets move into position, the ground swells with anticipation. Over the next several weeks, you’ll hear lots about the possible consequences of this astro concentration. There’s no need to worry. This is a unique event but it doesn’t bode disaster.
Juggling these diverse planetary energies could prove taxing, especially if you take on too much. So find a comfortable pace. And stick to it.

March 24, 2000
It’s not a flashback—it’s a comeback. The Uranus Saturn square that plagued us for most of last year returns for one last pass. And as it does, old issues surface with new vigor. We’re in for another phase of disturbing upheaval. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly revert to old behavior you thought was long gone. Tension, strife, and discord cloud the atmosphere. Staying clear and present won’t be easy. Yes, it sucks. But if you’re determined to cause no harm to anyone, including yourself, great progress can be made. This is an opportunity to let go of old systems that have outlived their purpose.
For those of you unfamiliar with Uranus square Saturn, here’s a brief recap. This influence dominated the astro news from June-November 1999. Now, it’s back for the next12 weeks. When two or more Planets form a square their energies collide at a right angle. Friction fills the air. And this Uranus Saturn square is particularly fractious. Uranus rules rebellion and revolution. Saturn governs rules and regulations. As they clash, old systems, personal and collective, shudder from the strain. Uranus acts as a catalyst, trying to break down Saturn’s stodgy structures. But Saturn won’t budge—not without a fight. And because neither Planet is willing to compromise, even the air feels angry.
Amplifying this intractable energy, both Uranus and Saturn are in Fixed Signs. Uranus is in Aquarius. Saturn is in Taurus. Fixed Signs hold fast to rigid positions. Uranus square Saturn spotlights ancient hatreds. Anticipate stubborn, self-righteous stands. Also expect an equally strong need to punish or blame. Essentially egalitarian, Aquarius wants collective reform designed to meet the needs of the many. Taurus is all about resources. On the 3-D that means m-o-n-e-y. Uranus shakes the rattle of shift at personal wealth, asking lots of provocative questions. How much is too much? Am I responsible for the needs of others? Can I ignore economic genocide? What role do I play in preserving the Planet’s resources? From a compassionate point of view, poverty is violence. No child copes well with hunger--of any kind. It harms the psyche. Irrevocably.
As Uranus square Saturn agitates the collective caldron, it unblocks what’s stuck and unlocks what’s been shut down. This is a powerful influence aimed at revealing what needs to transform. Let these revelations deepen your commitment to making the world a better place. Be willing to let go old attitudes that no longer serve. Acknowledge the humanity of your enemy. Be humble before diversity and you’ll strengthen your heart. 

March 17, 2000
It’s a kinder, gentler week. The Planets soften their edges. And as they do, a compassionate wind wafts through the ethers. Being nice feels easy. Manners make a brief comeback. People are polite and pleasant. There’s also a feeling of “new” in the air. On March 19 at 11: 35 PM PST (March 20 at 2:35 AM EST), the Sun enters Aries, signaling the start of spring and the astro New Year. Seize the moment. Take a big breath, and as you exhale bid “bye-bye” to the old year. Then, take another equally deep breath, open your heart wide, and say “hello” to a fresh start.
The source of this week’s tender tone is a Mercury Venus conjunction in Pisces. Pisces is the Sign of sensitivity. Permeable and highly susceptible to suggestion, Pisces is the astro chameleon, easily changing its colors to match its environment. But don’t mistake this ability to shape shift for a weakness. There’s nothing wimpy about Pisces. The Piscean urge to merge is a strength. Sure, Pisces can be as dysfunctional as any other Sign. And when Pisces is wounded, the ability to blend manifests as the loss of self. But the empathetic energy of Pisces is a profound gift. Without it, none of us would be able to intuit the feelings of others or know what it’s like to stand in someone else’s shoes.
When Mercury is in Pisces, intuition flowers. When Venus is in Pisces, fantasy flourishes. Mercury rules the mind. Venus rules art, beauty, love, and our ideals. This conjunction gives birth to poetry, music, dance, and all sorts of artistic pursuits. What’s more, Mercury and Venus make a gregarious couple. They like being social. Anticipate feeling quite chatty and eager to meet new people. A Mercury Venus conjunction also emphasizes aesthetics, making this a great week to visit museums or go gallery wandering.
But that’s not all. Mercury and Venus sextile Jupiter. Jupiter is currently in Taurus. Taurus revels in beauty. Jupiter loves lavish. Don’t be surprised if you want to shop ‘till you drop. Just keep in mind it’s possible to appreciate something beautiful without having to acquire it. Also anticipate positive alliances. Friends made under the influence of Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are apt to share similar values. Connections feel familiar. And there’s lots of shared laughter.
Spring starts on a sympathetic note. Soften with the stars. Feel the sweetness of the week. Let it soothe and comfort.

March 10, 2000
Patience. The end is in sight. Mercury goes Direct on March 14. But these final days of Mercury’s seemingly backward motion feel like molasses. Each day is an eternity. Continue to put this frame-by-frame energy to good use reviewing, reflecting, and refining.
Mercury is Retrograde in Pisces. Symbolizing the cosmic urge to merge, Pisces is deeply spiritual. Pisces is the Sign where we experience the essential and profound unity of life. Mercury represents the multidimensional quality of the mind and is an essential tool of the spiritual seeker. As part of its Retrograde Cycle, Mercury has been in and out of a square to Pluto. Pluto is in Sagittarius. Pluto governs transformation. Sagittarius rules belief systems. The subtle subtext of this particular Retrograde is reexamining what you do or don’t believe in.
In keeping with this spiritual review, there’s something I’ve been meaning to mention since the beginning of the year. The world didn’t end. We woke up on January 1, 2000 and we were still here. Up until the dawn of December 31, 1999 Millennium Madness gripped most of us. We were deluged with dire information and bombarded by every prediction since the beginning of time about the end of time. We were drenched in dread. 
Then, a miracle occurred. Television fulfilled its destiny. And the medium became the message as broadcast signals around the globe beamed out celebrations of life. Prayers for peace in just about every language resonated through the airwaves. Rituals were shared. Spirits soared with each passing time zone. We learned. Listened. Gasped with wonder. (Weren’t those fireworks phenomenal?) We watched the world grow small and our hearts relaxed. Awe replaced fear. And as the day unfolded, the sense of collective relief was palpable. Nostradamus was wrong. Wow!
On that day, the last day of the old millennium, the realization of our interconnectedness moved around the world like a gentle tidal wave, enveloping all of us in the common bond of our humanity. And ever since, the ethers feel cleaner than they have in a long time.
Of course, the vicissitudes of daily life, here, on Earth, continued. No surprise, there. But we accomplished something that’s worth noticing. Sure, there were disgruntled gloom and doomers disappointed by the lack of disaster. Some people need proof. Others just like a good emergency. But for many of us, the awareness of the diversity within our unity not only renewed our faith in each other. It restored our hope.
This week, use the remaining days of Mercury Retrograde to strengthen the connection to your spiritual source. Then, let that bond revitalize your faith.

March 3, 2000
It’s the astro equivalent of the Mad Hatter’s tea party. One Planet makes you smaller. Another makes you tall. Some move at the speed of light. Others, at a crawl. The celestial chatter is dizzying. But there’s no need for alarm. Just breathe. Deeply. And relax. Sometimes life doesn’t make sense and that’s okay.
The loudest guest at the party is Uranus sextile Mars. Uranus is the dedicated revolutionary. Mars rules energy and movement. When these two align their efforts, the need for independence is undeniable. Together, they agitate the air, producing the potential for sudden tirades or aggressive litanies of previously unexpressed grievances. Count on lots of “I’m mad as hell and I won’t take it anymore.” Because Uranus sextile Mars motivates the courage of conviction and the ability to act on those beliefs, freedom fighters everywhere feel this quickening. Protests and demonstrations experience a revival. And power to the people makes a comeback.
The most frustrating partygoer is Mercury Retrograde. As Mercury appears to be moving backwards, minds move slowly. And all things related to communication go down the rabbit hole with Alice. While I usually proselytize about the benefits of Mercury Retrograde, this particular retro cycle is unusually disruptive. Mercury’s reverse motion is at odds with the full throttle thrust of Uranus sextile Mars. Which means we’re caught in a tape loop of stops and starts. This staccato rhythm irritates, annoys, and makes finding a steady pace impossible. Mercury Retrograde can always be put to good use reviewing and refining your plans. But the best use of this Retrograde may be channeling frustration into closet cleaning.
Fuzzing the ethers and making the whole mess even more confusing, Neptune squares Jupiter. As these two Titans clash, we wrestle with knowing the difference between fantasy and reality. Disappointment is likely. So are tears of rage or grief. Because Neptune square Jupiter amplifies the power of suggestion, you’re apt to be highly susceptible to the opinions of others. Keep your own counsel. This is not the time to get swept away. Also be aware, this square gives birth to hypersensitivity and the desire to numb those feelings through addictive substances. Try not to overindulge as a way of coping with stress. Yes, I know what Alice did. But we’re not in Wonderland. And excess is costly.
This week, there’s so much going on, it’ll be hard to know what to feed your head. So if you start feeling overwhelmed, take a break. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Simply making the time to breathe restores logic, proportion, and perspective.

February 25, 2000
It’s a non-harmonic convergence. The air is strident with the urge to do. But daily life is an obstacle course. One minute feels enthusiastic. The next, lethargic. Plans go astray. Life goes askew. You’ll need a pencil instead of a pen to keep up with the changes. You’ll also need a strong internal compass. Needless interruptions distract. Ego trips, yours or others, interfere. This week, and the next several weeks, are a great big fat bundle of conflicting forces. The Planets are staging a Passion Play, stepping in and out of a variety of roles, making life, here, on Earth, more than slightly schizophrenic. In fact, there’s so much happening in the heavens, it’s impossible to talk about it all. So here are the two most important influences.
Mars trine Pluto provides this week’s strident tone. Mars rules the ego. Pluto, power. Together, this positive alliance supports courage and confidence. It also builds sheer super strength. Ambition accelerates under this influence, making belly fires burn brighter. So don’t be shy about your need to succeed. Be bold. This dynamic duo provides the juice to take a stand for what you believe in, as it simultaneously creates a compulsive determination to do whatever is necessary to guarantee success. One word of caution: Mars trine Pluto enjoys a good fight. Don’t be surprised if mild-mannered pacifists start morphing into militant guerillas. But do try to avoid provoking conflict simply for the thrill of doing battle.
Striking a completely different chord, Mercury Retrograde is insisting on circumspection rather than confrontation. But Mars doesn’t easily tolerate Mercury’s slo-mo replay attitude. What’s more, this Mercury Retrograde squares Pluto, making minds restless and nervous. Anticipate testy tempers and frustration—lots of it—as seemingly endless snafus hold you back. Be patient. Pushing this retrograde river could get you lost in clumsy land. Constantly bumping into things will only escalate irritation. Resisting Mercury Retrograde’s invitation to review and reconsider is futile. So put your excess energy to good use doing all those bothersome chores you’ve been putting off.
Keeping up with these celestial mood swings won’t be easy. Rather than risk overwhelm or exhaustion, relax. Take as many mental health days as you need. And keep your sense of humor ready at all times. Laughter restores perspective quicker than any other remedy. Remember, the Stars are our friends—even if it feels like they’re on a bad acid trip.

February 18, 2000
It’s a hurry up and wait kinda week. Mars is movin’ forward. Mercury’s goin’ backwards. And Neptune, Jupiter and Venus are foggin’ the ethers. Confusion is likely. So is frustration. And fragmentation is also a distinct possibility. But the week isn’t dismal. When the Stars move in diverse directions, the rhythm of life gets complex and whatever isn’t neat and tidy is revealed. Rather than complain about the week’s rough edges, use this energy to take a personal inventory. Notice where you want to push the river. Then, observe where you meet with resistance, internal or external. Also pay attention to your appetites—all of them. If you’re obsessively hungry and can’t seem to satisfy your craving, this is the week to get in touch with the core of your longing.
Mars is in Aries, its Home Sign, where it feels completely comfortable and capable. This dynamic enthusiasm strikes a strident tone. On the positive end of the spectrum, Mars in Aries is the urge to forge ahead. On the not so positive side things, Mars in Aries stimulates unbridled ambition, making even the meekest among us anxious to be moguls. Mars in Aries wants to boldly go anywhere at any time. The downside of this adventurous spirit is impatience.
Unfortunately, Mars’ impatience collides with the first Mercury Retrograde of 2000. Mercury goes Retrograde on February 21. Mercury rules communication. So when it appears to be moving backwards, all things connected to communication seem to have a life of their own. Phones and faxes fritz. Computers crash. And gadgets go berserk. Because Mercury is the astro negotiator, contracts are also affected. This is not a good time to initiate new projects, but it is an excellent time to review. What’s more, this very same Mercury goes Retrograde as it squares Pluto. This square creates a restless mind, anxious for answers. It also produces the potential for penetrating intellect. If you take your time and avoid the quick fix, you’re likely to come up with solutions that work.
But that’s not all. Jupiter, the King of Excess, squares Venus, the Goddess of Love, and Neptune, the Master of Imagination. This astro ménage a trois gives birth to a dreamy sensuality. Unfortunately, it also produces a tendency toward illusion, delusion and far-fetched infatuation. As ridiculous as this may sound, try to keep your romantic fantasies realistic. Impossible objectives often lead to bitter disappointment. Channel the combined energy of Neptune, Jupiter and Venus into artistic efforts, and you’ll experience visionary results.
As the week unfolds, be easy with yourself. Remember, Mercury Retrograde is not the devil. It simply slows the pace of life, allowing us to catch our breath and gather our resources.

February 11, 2000
We’re in transition. All week long. And because passages often disrupt routines, the week feels awkward. Not that the last few weeks were smooth sailing. The Eclipses of January 20 and February 5 upset daily life so much people were convinced Mercury was Retrograde. It wasn’t. It isn’t. And, yes, it will be soon: Mercury goes Retrograde on the 21. But this week isn’t about communication hassles or computer frustration. This week is all about two new dynamic influences, each signaling the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Aligning with this energy isn’t an either/or process. There’s nothing to choose. But adjusting your rhythm to the new frequencies takes some work.
Big Shift No. 1: Mars, Master of Energy, moves into Aries, today. It’s been two years since Mars was in Aries, its Home Sign. So this Return flags a new archetypal cycle. Mars in Aries is passionate, fiery, and dynamic. Count on candid conversations. But try not to let those blurts hurt. While Mars in Aries fuels frank opinions, neither Mars nor Aries is inherently mean or cruel. Mars in Aries is simply direct. Blunt. And in a hurry. Governing the need to achieve, Mars rules self-assertion and ambition. So you can also anticipate a competitive edge. Mars in Aries likes vying for first place almost as much as it likes winning. The atmosphere smokes with drive and determination. What’s more, Mars in Aries relishes in bravery, happily facing any challenge--physical or otherwise--to accomplish its goals.
Big Shift No. 2: On the 14, Jupiter moves into Taurus. Jupiter in Taurus luxuriates in sensual pleasure and creature comfort—the perfect energy for Valentine’s Day. Taurus is fertile, fecund, and full. Jupiter likes big. So don’t pass up an opportunity to delight in the treasures of a day devoted to love. You don’t need a special someone to enjoy this holiday. Pamper yourself with creative self-care. No need to go to an expensive spa. Take a bubble bath. Have a scrumptious meal. Listen to your heart. Receive its needs.
There is an undertow to the week: Mercury, in Pisces, squares Pluto, in Sagittarius. This astro alliance is with us for several weeks so there’s plenty of time to get used to its impact. As Mercury and Pluto butt heads, they spark mental restlessness. But they also encourage depth. So ask big questions, but try not to settle for hasty answers.
As the nervous energy of Mercury square Pluto coalesces with Mars in Aries, “hurry up” is apt to become this week’s mantra. But before you step on the gas, have a destination in mind. The need for speed could propel you into plans or projects that keep you busy just for busy’s sake. Take your time. Find a comfortable personal pace. Then, aim your desire to succeed at a goal that makes your heart happy.

February 4, 2000
“Put on your high heeled sneakers. Wear your wig hat on your head.” And don whatever other apparel defines you as “divine.”  This week is packed with permission to be you. All you. All the time. Be original. Be spontaneous. But try not to combust. This creative juice ignites passion. Pulses race with anticipation. Hearts skip a beat--or two. Staying steady takes some doing. Resist this week’s exciting rhythm, and you’re apt to feel more than a little antsy. Ride the wave, and you can constructively channel its force. You just have to be willing to end up some place completely unexpected.
It’s a Uranus Sun conjunction, in Aquarius, that is causing the entire hubbub. When Uranus joins forces with the Sun, the air sings with the love of freedom and the need for independence. At the deepest level, this conjunction is a planetary invitation to participate in the mystery of individuation. But rsvp-ing is tricky. Being an individual is the gift of life, here, on Planet Earth. Souls rejoice in self-expression. Yet there are consequences when we act impulsively, without regard to the impact our decisions make on the lives of others. As we all know, finding a balance between being a “self” and interacting with other selves is a complex process with no pat answers or simple solutions. If the mystery of individuation had a one-size-fits-all answer, none of us would be struggling to figure it out.
Amping-up this question of selfish-ness, there’s a Solar Eclipse on the 5th. During a Solar Eclipse, the Moon overshadows the Sun, which means the unconscious dominates. Uranus just happens to be at exactly the same degree as the Sun and the Moon. Emotional tides rise as previously unexpressed feelings come to the surface. Anticipate an irrepressible urge to divulge secrets and clear the air. Impulsive declarations made in the heat of the moment could cause sudden and surprising turn arounds. So before you speak, be sure you’re willing to live with the aftereffect of your words.
This eclipse combination is volatile. As it feeds the need for self-expression, it simultaneously thaws longings lodged deep in denial. You could easily feel a restless hunger for new anything--hair, clothes, house or spouse. These urges for personal freedom are strident but not malevolent. Still, that’s no reason to use the power of the week as an excuse to get stupid. Throw away inhibition, but don’t throw caution to the wind. Spontaneous isn’t synonymous with reckless. Personal freedom doesn’t have to tempt fate, dare danger, or cause harm to yourself or others. And contrary to pop philosophy freedom isn’t just another word for nothing left to lose. Freedom is about having the courage to be. Face the challenge of having a self. And then, acknowledge the freedom of others to do the same.

January 28, 2000
It’s Instant Karma Week. But that doesn’t mean something’s “gonna get you.” Instant karma isn’t bad karma. Instant Karma means the universal law of cause and effect operates at a faster pace--and we get to watch. Word and deed manifest quick results. So be precise about what you want. Also try to be conscious of your intentions. Instant Karma amplifies conscious and unconscious desires. Clear communication is the key to positive results. So make clarity your ally. Think before you speak and listen just as thoughtfully to the words of others.
Mercury and Uranus are at the epicenter of this quickening. Mercury rules the mind and communication is its domain. Here, on Planet Earth, the mind is a power tool. When what we think is aligned with what we speak, our words wield influence. Uranus rules invention. Surprise is its genius. Uranus keeps its finger on the pulse of the collective, instigating shift and provoking change. When Uranus sends a message, we receive its signal viscerally as a kundalini jolt or the nervous need for something new.
Mercury and Uranus are currently conjunct in Aquarius. Mercury enjoys the kinetic presence of Uranus as much as Uranus delights in Mercury’s wit. Together, these two generate thought waves capable of breaking new ground. Ideas blaze across the mind like lightening. Conversations catalyze. Concepts become reality.
Because Mercury and Uranus easily entertain a variety of subjects simultaneously, their combined force is the astro equivalent of multi-tasking. And don’t be shy about accessing unusual sources of information. This Mercury Uranus conjunction suspends normal mental processes creating access to other realms. Don’t be astonished if you’re suddenly entranced by extraterrestrial exploration and want to “phone home.”
The tether on the week’s energy is a Saturn Sun square. Saturn likes discipline and demands a sober, pragmatic approach. A Saturn Sun square often produces inhibition, making us self-conscious. Which could be a drag, especially this week, when Saturn’s influence is apt to manifest as the need for down-to-earth validation about newfangled ideas. Used positively, a Saturn Sun square functions as a discerning eye, capable of distinguishing what’s appropriate and what isn’t. Rather than let Saturn square the Sun bring you down, allow it help you sort through outrageous ideas and reveal those worth pursuing.
One more bit: If Instant Karma feels like Instant Replay, don’t despair. You’re not caught in an endless loop of your own personal Ground Hog Day. New choices are always possible. Let the gift of Mercury conjunct Uranus animate your free will. Feel your desire for a new perspective. When thoughts are felt, manifestation accelerates.

January 21, 2000
You’ll need the thick skin of an Armadillo to remain impervious to this week’s hypersensitive atmosphere. The words of others wield tremendous influence and you won’t need any psychic antennae to pick up on the undercurrents. Conscious and unconscious urges surface, blurring the lines between internal and external reality. Distraction is easy. Daydreaming likely. While it won’t be easy staying grounded, it’s not impossible. Each day, find something to do that firmly plants your feet on Planet Earth, and you’ll have an easier time navigating the week.
Neptune stands at the center of this almost magical atmosphere. Currently in Aquarius, Neptune rules imagination, fantasy and illusion. Neptune also governs mystical urges and spiritual experiences. The Sun enters Aquarius on January 20th and immediately forms a conjunction with Neptune. Here’s where the air gets sensitive. A Neptune Sun conjunction increases empathy, making it easy to get lost in the moods of others. Anticipate being susceptible to suggestion and highly impressionable.
What’s more, Mercury, also in Aquarius, conjuncts both the Sun and Neptune. A Mercury Sun conjunction magnifies the power of thought, often producing a subjective viewpoint. A Mercury Neptune conjunction also gives birth to imagination--lots of it. Try to avoid deceiving yourself or anyone else.  Both Neptune and Mercury happily embrace the role of Trickster. Again, stay grounded in the 3-D and you’ll avoid being bamboozled by fantastic desires--yours or others.
On the positive end of the sensitivity spectrum, this Sun, Mercury and Neptune combo simultaneously increase insight and enhance intuitive gifts. Under their combined influence, meditation, visualization and creative endeavors of all kinds flourish.
But there’s more. Mars still squares the Pluto Chiron conjunction, which means super powers, large and small, continue to vie for domination. Because this week’s atmosphere is hypersensitive, resisting battle won’t be easy. Rather than brawl, dance. That’s right. Mars rules movement. Pisces governs feet. And Mars in Pisces spells dancing--the perfect antidote to anger or stress. And also a handy way to stay grounded. Music and dance bridge heaven and earth. So put on music and move. You’ll be surprised how quickly dancing not only dispels a negative attitude but also puts you back in your body.
Keep good personal boundaries. Remember to respect the boundaries of others. And try to make the most of the week’s astral air. Without dreams and visions what would life be? 

January 14, 2000
This week, the Stars shift gears and we get busy. Very busy. You’ll need a scorecard to track the celestial movement. You’ll also need a trusty inner compass to keep your bearings. And a lot of patience to handle the emotional tides. The Planets provoke conflict and rivalry, motivating Clark Kents everywhere to throw off their mild-mannered demeanor and reveal their super powers. Rather than compete with these super egos, observe. Put on a Fair Witness robe instead of a cape. Assume a neutral stance. Stay impartial and you’ll deepen your understanding of human nature and sidestep the need to inflame or self-destruct.
The primary source of friction is Mars square the on-going Pluto Chiron conjunction. Mars rules self-assertion, ambition and anger. Pluto rules intensity. Expect sparks to fly as these two forces butt heads. Also anticipate huge blasts as opponents vie for power. Think twice before you engage in struggle of any kind. A Mars Pluto square isn’t the least bit interested in kindness. Quite the opposite. This square is brutal, ruthless, and cruel. Anticipate inflexible agendas and unreasonable demands of time and effort. A Mars Pluto square can be harnessed. But you need clear intentions and grounded expectations to be successful.
As you already know, the on-going Pluto Chiron conjunction is the energetic signature of 2000. Chiron is the Wounded Healer.  Its complex alliance with Pluto offers opportunities to close gaps and mend splits. As various Planets form relationships with Pluto and Chiron, different pieces of the healing puzzle--individual and collective--will fall into place. This week, it’s Mars square Chiron. Which means we have a chance to notice where old wounds color the ability to assert. Do you need to win all the time? Is it necessary to vanquish your opponent? Is violence your first choice? Or, your last? Does anger make you strong? Safe? Are you gentle with others but harsh on yourself? This isn’t a test and there are no “right” answers. Mars square Chiron sheds light on the roots of rage. Be aware of where you need a cease-fire.
But that’s not all. Saturn sextiles that very same Mars, providing stamina. This strength is apt to manifest as the power to resist, particularly as others insist on their own way.
Quite frankly, there are too many other influences to mention in depth but here are the highlights: Mercury conjuncts the Sun in Capricorn and both square Jupiter, encouraging excess. And yes, there’s a Lunar Eclipse on the 20. We’re already keenly aware of the effect of an eclipse. As the emotional tides of this eclipse coalesce with the impact of Mars square the Pluto Chiron conjunction, the air aches with the need to act. But reacting out of old behavior in order to achieve a specific outcome won’t feel appropriate or be effective. Stay open. Take your time. Make every effort to consider your fellow travelers.

January 7, 2000
Breathe. Deeply. Again. And again. In fact, breathe a lot all week long. Allow tension to release on every level--physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. But don’t be surprised if the end result of letting go lands you in profound fatigue. The last several weeks were strenuous. And overwhelm, whether it’s high anxiety or joyous exuberance, always takes a toll. It’s time to rest, regroup, and replenish inner reserves. Unfortunately, the Stars don’t necessarily support this restoration process. This week, harnessing the positive end of the astrological spectrum takes a little effort. But it can be done. Aim toward moderation and you’ll be pleased with the results.
By Monday, Jupiter squares the Sun, fueling materialism and a tendency toward avarice. If you can’t afford it, forget about it. Excessive spending always catches up with you, especially when shopping sprees follow the Holidays. You can use this Jupiter Sun square to focus on health. Notice what habits need to shift into better balance. If you made resolutions about diet and exercise, this is a good time to go to the gym instead of the Mall.
Pluto continues to conjunct Chiron in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the Sign where we search for truth. Pluto rules transformation. Chiron is the Wounded Healer. At the core, this Pluto Chiron conjunction is about transforming the relationship between instinct, with all its appetites, and reason, with all its abilities.

This week, Venus joins the Pluto Chiron team. A Venus Pluto conjunction feeds compulsive appetites, sexual cravings and fanatic attraction. Add Chiron, and old love wounds get revisited--with or without contact from old lovers. Applied transformationally, the combined impact of Venus, Pluto and Chiron produces insight into obsessive-compulsive behavior. Just keep in mind, any understanding gained isn’t about increasing judgment or shame. Expanded self-knowledge and wisdom is the goal.
What’s more, this Astro Troika also explores the meaning of love. And not just romantic love. All kinds of love. Contemplate love’s myriad manifestations. Notice what it feels like to love. Then, pay attention to how you receive love. Or, deny love? What’s the opposite of love? How do you express love? What do you love the most?
On more astro bit: Saturn goes Direct on the 11. You’ll certainly feel Saturn’s weight as it corrects its course. The first contact Saturn makes is with Mars. This positive Saturn Mars alliance provides stamina and endurance. Put this energy to good use making progress with plans and projects.
This week, focus on aligning body, mind, heart, and spirit. Feel your center return.

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