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Saturn Returns

Just as the planets move in their fixed orbits around the Sun, they also move in similar cycles through the natal chart. For example, every 29 years, as Saturn completes its astronomical orbit, it also completes an astrological journey through the chart, returning to the position it occupies in your birth chart. The completion of this cycle is called a “Saturn Return” and from an astrological perspective, it is a hugely significant time. Saturn is the planet through which we distill wisdom from experience, which makes the time of the Saturn Return, a time of maturation. A second Saturn Return occurs 29 years later, approximately at the age of 58. This return is also tremendously important because it marks the threshold of the wisdom years.

A Saturn Return reading can be a helpful tool in the distillation of wisdom from experience, providing context as well as perspective.

Uranus Opposition and Uranus Return

Uranus takes approximately 84 years to orbit the Sun and it takes the same amount of time to cycle through the natal chart. Thus at approximately 42 years from your date of birth, Uranus forms an opposition to itself. This opposition is what astrologers often call an “astral mid-life crisis,” for it is a time when we feel super-charged and ready for a change. Uranus symbolizes a restless energy that can often provoke impulsive behavior.  A Uranus transit reading looks at the ways to harness the power of this transit and to use it creatively for personal transformation.


Looking for Love
in all the Wrong Places

Many of us tend to think of relationship as a noun – as something we own or possess. But from a transformational perspective, relationships are best understood as a verb – as something we participate in. This reading looks at the natal chart with an eye toward identifying how to assist you in identifying and understanding what may be keeping you from participating in the type of partnership you desire, whether that’s a romantic interaction, or a relationship with a friend or family member.

Many times we are out of touch with our deepest needs. We think we want one kind of relationship, or we insist that relationship must “look” a certain way. And yet we continue to repeat entrench patterns with significant others that only keep us unhappy and dissatisfied.  By exploring issues of intimacy and trust, as they are expressed in the birth chart, this reading can help to bring a deeper consciousness to the whole idea of relationship, helping you to better recognize what you need in order to be a happy and satisfied participant.

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