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P.O. Box 343
New York, NY, 10025

Readings by Ralfee

Readings are by appointment. But first you need to fill in the information to create your chart and select the kind of reading you would like to order. Once you've placed your order, Ralfee will contact you to schedule your reading. All readings are 60 minutes, by phone, Skype, or in person. Just to reiterate, natal, transit, and specific reading are $150 and the relationship reading is $250.

To order a reading:

Please fill out the questions below.

First Name:*
Last Name:*
Date of Birth:*
Place of Birth:*
Exact Time of Birth:*
Mailing Address:*
Zip Code:*
Check here if this is also your billing address.
Email Address:*
Type of Reading:* Initial Reading: $150
Relationship Reading: $250
Transit Reading for the Year: $150
Specific Subject Readings: $150
Gift Certificate: $150
Email Subscription $50.00
Note: If you are ordering a relationship reading, please include the necessary additional information of your friend or partner:
Partner/Friends Name:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Exact Time of Birth
Please include any specific questions you would like Ralfee to address during the course of your reading with your payment.

If you're paying by check or money order, make your check payable to Ralfee Finn and send it to:

    Ralfee Finn
    P.O. Box 343
    New York, NY 10025

    If you have questions you can call Ralfee at

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